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    Selling the web domain name pcexploits.com I think it's a pretty cool name, take a look. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...T#ht_500wt_1156
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    An iPhone App that ate up 1.8GB of Data in a month!

    Apart from the standard ones that come with the phone I have: iTunes Remote Find My iPhone Keynote Remote iTeleport iDisk RedLaser eBay Amazon UK iBooks PayPal Starbucks SUBCARD Wagamama Sonic 1 Labyrinth Crash Cart Let's Golf Sonic 2 Enigmo 2 KL Darts TomTom Ireland & UK Myst Twitter FaceBook Translator Skype LOVEFiLM My O2 Speed Test iMovie Shazam Flashlight
  3. According to my O2 bills over the years I've used about 200-300MB of data per month. But my most recent bill says I used almost 1.8GB of data in one month!! I can't work out how this has happened! My iPhone 4 says I've sent 1.4GB since April 24th so I'm wondering if it's an app running in the background. It only started since I got my iPhone 4 on April 24th. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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    No new iPhone until next year?

    An O2 customer service rep just phoned me and offered me an upgrade on my iPhone 3G, I said I didn't want to renew my contract because I want to start a new one when the new iPhone comes out in June/July. He said to me that there wont be another new iPhone out until next year! Was this the truth? Or was he just trying to get me to upgrade?
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    I made a film

    My first year project for film school. Let me know what you think. Any constructive criticism if highly appreciated. FIXED IT!