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  1. conorgill

    Radeon R9 270x Framebuffer/ID problem?

    Ah fair enough, thanks! I'll report back when I manage to get Clover working keeps restarting on me after UUID at the moment!
  2. conorgill

    Radeon R9 270x Framebuffer/ID problem?

    Thanks vusun! Will give it a try when I get home from work could be wrong but I was pretty sure the Niresh instructions said no Clover for AMD users?
  3. conorgill

    Radeon R9 270x Framebuffer/ID problem?

    Hi all! My first post here First of all, I want to say a warm hello & thank you to everyone on here! InsanelyMac has pulled me out of the s**t many a time before now! On the topic of this graphics card - I have followed Vlada's InsanelyMac post (Here) regarding this GPU & I haven't had much luck! Basically, I have the Sapphire Radeon R9 270x running on (Niresh) Mavericks 10.9.2 - it's displaying as 'Radeon HD 7xxx 2048 MB'.. I am getting full resolution, and I assume QE/CI is working as I can make a move in Chess. However, running a LuxMark benchmark I am getting a "clBuildProgram -11" error, and in Unigine Heaven I am barely scraping 10fps with the settings on Extreme I have tried installing Vlada's driver package and it just gives me nothing (Black screen on DVI, screen goes off completely on HDMI). I have tried the Terminal method too, still no luck. The only section I could not follow properly was the DSDT section - I couldn't find the "PEGP" device in MaciASL, my Graphics Card is on PC02 according to IORegistryExplorer. So I guess my question is, has my n00b level reached a new extreme & I'm missing something completely obvious? Or should everything be working? BTW, I have another Mac installation on my second HDD, so copying/restoring {censored}-ups is easy enough for me! Thanks in advance! Conor