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  1. Hi folks, I've been searching around for info on using Gophone plans with iPhones and I've found a lot of info (much of it old), but not quite what I want to do... I've got a 2G 8gb stock phone, never broken, active and using the normal $59/mo plan that I've had since Sept. 07 and on the current firmware 2.2.1. Anyway, I'm tired of paying that much ... I make less than 90 minutes of calls per month and I don't do much with the EDGE data since it's pretty crappy and slow. I'd like to convert to a Gophone plan, disable the EDGE data completely and keep my existing cell number that is currently active on the phone and still be able to sync calendars and contacts to my Mac. Possible? Any advice, tips, steps on how to do this? I'm not opposed to jailbreaking or anything like that... Thanks for any info! Rob K
  2. Hey, thanks -- I got it actually (later that same day) with EFI, along with sound. Works beautifully. Now the only problem is Bonjour and AFP, if that were working, it would be perfect. Any success there? I popped in a Motorola Bluetooth USB adapter and that works perfect too, so I picked up that Apple bluetooth keyboard (the super slim aluminum one) and a Logitech bluetooth mouse and they work awesome. I love this machine, it is wicked fast - most apps launch in one dock bounce or less. World of Warcraft runs better than Windows. I'm only maintaining a Windows drive for my other games - Crysis, TF2, Bioshock, etc. thanks! Rk
  3. Hey Long Time... can your system see the 512mb on your 8800gt? I used the latest NVinject for my evga 8800gt, and edited the plist for 512mb vram, but it still sees only 256mb. You didn't flash a hacked rom to your Nvidia did you? That I won't do... thanks! Rob
  4. AFP is 'Apple Filing Protocol', it's the "native" file sharing protocol for Macs. Windows uses 'SMB' which is 'Server Message Block' and to use SMB, OS X has to use a open-source software package called 'Samba', the same package that Linux users would use to do the same thing. Compare that to AFP which Apple invented and maintains. There is a open-source software to do AFP as well called 'Netatalk.' On the Mac from the Finder, you'd do command-K to get a 'connect to server' box and in there you'd ask to connect to 'afp://mac/share' to use AFP. I *think* the AFP problems are only manifesting if you use the Realtek kext. I am going to remove mine to see if that fixes AFP, but also I am working on figuring out what is happening with the Realtek in there. RK
  5. Aha, yes ... with the Realtek driver, I am not able to use AFP either. Bonjour seems to be half working since I can see printers and whatnot. I will post again if I find out anything. I'm going to put Wireshark on the ethernet and see what is happening with AFP. RK
  6. Success! I started over from scratch, still used my Macbook and retail DVD to install but this time I was very careful during the file copies. Perhaps I made a subtle error the first time. Also, I chucked NVinject in favor of an EFI string for my 7600GS and after some trial and error, found a hex string that worked. So everything is working except for my DVD drive on PATA, I'll be working on that next. And I intend to replace the networking with the Realtek kext from the guide update. I assume I have to install the developer tools and build the project? thanks!!
  7. Thanks for this guide! It inspired me to go pick up this very same MB and a E6750 chip. It all came today, and I am sooo close. I put NVinject 0.2.1 (from their site, not yours) in for my 7600GS and I'm sure I need to figure out how to configure that since it (not quite) hangs right after NVinject loads, on the graphic screen I get the spinny thing under the Apple forever, and on the console it just doesn't load anything else after NVinject. I'll be working on figuring that out. A couple things I did differently: I used my Macbook to prepare the drive, putting a 160gb Seagate SATA-I in a USB enclosure and once it was prepped following the directions, I simply used my 10.5 retail DVD in the Macbook DVD drive and installed from there rather than fiddling around with an ISO, it was probably only a bit slower. Also, in your step 4, you have lots of file copies via sudo; I suggest sudo is not necessary at this point since you are already in a root shell (sudo -s from step 2.) Thanks again for the work! I can't wait to get mine going too.