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  1. What network cards work?

    My Kn8-Ultra onboard card did not work - so I read the guide and went and bought a netgear GA311 - that one works without patches and it's pretty cheap.
  2. Is there a graphics card that works natively will all the resolutions? Instead of messing around with the X800XL which is a nice card but not natively supported, I am considering just buying a video card that would be solid and not have resolution issues. Any recommendations for a card for a P4 2.4 (AGP) ? Thanks!
  3. Can't boot without DVD

    I had the same problem on my second PC - something to do with the SATA/nforce not working.
  4. Mac install complete- how do I make a restorable?

    I used carbon copy cloner and made a dmg file - I suppose I can burn that to a DVD but I am unsure on if restoring it would work I guess I will find out at some point.
  5. Now that I did workaround to fix my net card, fix my monitor and video card etc- I have everything working pretty well. I want to make restore CDs or DVD since my install is only about 3 gigs in total and I have a DVD burner. Is there a way to make a restore DVD that I could boot off of and restore the whole machine back to this state in case I install an update or do something that totally messes up the install? Thanks
  6. I burned the networking extensions zip file, then moved it to the other computer, and unzipped it. I archived the old extensions and then dragged this one to the proper location - and I had to authenticate. Next I logged into the command line tool in utilities, and changed the root passwd with passwd root, then su and put that password. I ran diskutil RepairPermissions / like was suggested above. This fixed my corrupted 3Com 905 problem! Thanks for the advice! Now on to fixing my ATI card to go above 1024x768 hopefully