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  1. CPU pas pris en charge ssdt

    merci pour l'aide ...
  2. CPU pas pris en charge ssdt

    J'ai demandé si mon ssdt est correcte ....?
  3. CPU pas pris en charge ssdt

    Je peux vous envoyer DSDT.aml pour fixer ....? ssdt.aml
  4. CPU pas pris en charge ssdt

    Maintenant, ce droit?
  5. CPU pas pris en charge ssdt

    il semble que cela a fonctionné .... dans le pont de lierre peut utiliser -XCPM ...?
  6. CPU pas pris en charge ssdt

    la SSDT générée par Clover serait mieux qu'un SSDT généré par le script ...?
  7. CPU pas pris en charge ssdt

    comment modifier les caractéristiques des paramètres de la CPU? http://ark.intel.com/pt-br/products/74749/Intel-Pentium-Processor-G2030-3M-Cache-3_00-GHz comment entrer ces valeurs dans le script ...?
  8. CPU pas pris en charge ssdt

    comment extraire CPU SSDT pas pris en charge par le script Pike R. Alpha ...? boucle -o ~ / ssdtPRGen.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Piker-Alpha/ssdtPRGen.sh/master/ssdtPRGen.sh chmod + x ssdtPRGen.sh ./ssdtPRGen.sh
  9. Pandora's Box III

    Its extract SSDT using Pandora ...? and even CPU not supported by the script Pike R. Alpha ...?
  10. Pandora's Box III

    I managed to activate the Face Time values using a real mac, only when I try to connect iMessage I lose the activation of Face Time, and I have to get in contact again with apple to activate only the Face Time ... values of a real mac is not recommended ....?
  11. Pandora's Box III

    you always need to contact Apple to enable the team face and iMessage using the Pandora application ..?
  12. Pandora's Box III

    Pandora generates ROM, MLB and Serial Number "valid or that work for Face Activation Time and iMessage ...?
  13. Pandora's Box III

    this application is still in process improvement and progress ...? this application is great ... congratulations ... !!
  14. Pandora's Box III

    It does not seem to have the application Simbios Imac Imac 13.1 13.2 only have ..?
  15. Bluetooth USB CSR volta a funcionar nativamente no Public Beta

    tenho um adaptador bluetooth 4.0 usb que funciona normalmente no Yosemite e El Capitan , mas no Mavericks ele só funcionou quando foi conectado na primeira depois que removi ele passou a não funcionar mais e nem desativa e visualiza agora o dispositivo como CSR- BT 4.0 , como resolver ?