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  1. NForce MCP73 - i630 SATA Controller

    Thanks for reply.. Anyway I can't modify anything other than some settings, like boot sequence It's a HP Slim PC ... I would love to update the BIOS in it with something over..
  2. Tried every AppleNForceATA.kext, no way to show SATA drives on my 10.5.6 hack.. I tried adding dev id : 07f010de to the latest driver, but I got "unsupported" message.. Suggests? Thanks Right now, I'm using Leo from a USB disk.
  3. Medion 96630 with Nvidia 9300 Go

    Drakulix, can you post your com.apple.Boot.plist? Or just the hex! .)
  4. Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    It's strange, but my Intel Wifi 5100 is recognized by a default install of iatkos 10.5.4. But I can't switch it on. Maybe some hope. I'll give it a try (modifing plists)
  5. Webcam BISON CAM NB pro:driver?

    No way. Only UVC class webcam can works on OS X
  6. (work) ALC660-vd 10431783 Asus M51SN

    On Asus F9S this is FULLY WORKING! Every channels is rightly mapped : Mic int, Mic jack, Speakers, Headphones, all working! Volume sliders too! (and also auto change on headphones jack insert) YOU ARE THE MAN! REALLY THANKS! Waited for this for a very looooong time ;D
  7. [Aggiornato] Asus F9S FULLY WORKING!

    Aggiornato l'how to con le ultime soluzioni.. ora funge tutto !
  8. How Would You Defend Psystar

    We will have to thanks companies like psystar if one day OsX will be no longer "so-easy" to install on hackintosh.. For many users of the forum, osx86 is like a demo/trial platform to switch to a real Apple hw one day. So, on it's way, this could be "marketing-friendly" for Apple. But companies that stole to gain profits like psystar, shuld just be burned out. Just my opinion.
  9. Taruga's HDA Guide

    REALLY THANKS NINETTO Really really... and finally, thanks again
  10. Taruga's HDA Guide

    Again, I DON'T NEED THE PATCHER PROGRAM. I know well how to use it.
  11. Taruga's HDA Guide

    As wrote on first topic, I don't mean AppleHDA patcher application. I don't need the patcher. I need the original guide (a pdf file from Taruga) for patching AppleHDA.kext I asked him, also paypaled (that's for the good work overall), never got a reply or at least a thank
  12. First of all, forget Intel. Your Card is a REALTEK ALC-660 VD Cross your finger!
  13. I have the same laptop. No driver at the moment, and no patcher works. I'm currently working on a driver, still waiting for someone to send me the first Taruga's HDA guide.
  14. Taruga's HDA Guide

    Hi all, Does anyone have the pdf of the Taruga's patching guide? I mean the one for patching AppleHDA with linux codec dump (I don't mean AppleHDA patcher app) I have to patch myself, but I need to know how-to If anyone can point me to a link or post here, would be much appreciated!
  15. GeForce 9600 GT

    I bought an Asus en9600gt today, someone has tried modding nvdanv50hal.kext?