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  1. Hi, do you know where someone could start getting involved in development for Hackintosh / IOS (jailbreaks etc.) development? I am searching for information about the Kernel development rather than developing apps. I recently finished my bachelor of engineering in electric engineering but the computer science always interested me more. We are being tought about some principles of a operation systems and writing code in c.. Until know I found the apple developer website, and the books from Jonathan Levin (but they are some kind of expensive for my current situation as a student). I also think that it would be useful to get started with the structure of the linux kernel. Do you have more sources I could learn more? How did you become what you are know in the hackintosh community? Google is not very helpful "Hackintosh development" only brings up how to develop apps with an hackintosh... I posted it in AMD because I am especially interested in the kernel manipulation to get the XNU Kernel working under AMD. If this is the wrong corner, please move it in the right one. Thank you. EDIT And for sure other sources are the wikis of insanelymac and the other hackintosh websites!
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    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Some News about the bad Performance with Nvidia Cards? I saw the Geekbench that Gigamaxx posteted.