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  1. Hi Guys, It has been a long time... I bought a dead iMac 20 early 2008 with a defected Ati Radeon HD 2600 Pro. I've seen on ifixit that some people were pretending this card can be replaced with a Nvidia 8800m GS or even with a MXM II graphic card specifications. So i decided to buy a Nvidia 9600M GT with same specs. Here it is : http://www.ebay.com/itm/280924092840?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 But it did not worked for me. I replaced the card one time, boot the Mac, heard the dong but black screen (Target mode working). So i decided to put back the defected one to see if the Logic Board had something to do with it and i could see the screen showing up. So, i guess, it could be a defected 9600M GT or an uncompatible card for the iMac... Do you know if i can flash the graphic card so the iMac will accept it? Any other idea? If any Guru knows, that would be cool! ;-) Thanks!
  2. Hi Guys, Finally i had time to try the NVidia Web drivers on my iMac8,1 with my NVidia 9600m GT but it did same, still a black screen. Any other idea? I'm about to buy a display port adapter to test if the video card send a signal. Maybe the video card and the screen doesn't know how to talk together ;-) Is there a way to be sure the drivers are loaded for my GPU? Thanks. Josh.
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for answering and for the good ideas! Just need to figure out how to change my model from iMac to MacPro cause this drivers only want to install on MacPro systems or maybe i can use "Pacifist" to do the job. Anyway i have moutain lion as System Os but upgraded to 10.8.4 now so i need to wait the new drivers from Nvidia. Thanks. Josh.
  4. Some news... I've activated Apple Remote Desktop and i can connect to it. The good news is that the system detects the Graphic Card correctly. Here is the screenshot : I tried NVenabler but it looks like i get KP. As i have the right informations in "system information", do i still need to look into Enabler like ATY init or NVenable or the problem is elsewhere? Here is the bios of my card if someone knows what to do... http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/57025/nvidia-9600mgt-1024-081007.html Also, i looked to this thread http://forum.netkas....pic,490.75.html and i'm a bit hopeless to solve my problem now... Thanks.
  5. Hi 3.14r2, That could be a good news. Will try this! Thanks for answering man! Have a good day! Josh.
  6. Hi Guys, There is a new graphic update that i installed without any problems. I wish that it will solve the HDMI output problem. Can someone test it as i didn't have my HDMI cable anymore ? Thanks. Josh.
  7. Can you post this pkg as iFabio has deleted all previous versions? Thks.
  8. It's probably cause you're booting in 64bits mode which this kext does not support...
  9. @oSxFr33k, Does the "ioreg -lw0 | grep CSTInfo" command gives you something? in order to be sure you have C-states... If yes i will try the rev of Chameleon you're using (rev 204). Thanks. Julien.
  10. Hi AB, In fact, after trying the last version of Chameleon from mozodojo (rev 238) and using fakesmc from Slice rev 384, i'm still getting lpc errors that had disseapered from my boot logs for some hours... too bad. Here is the screenshot of the istat showing many temps monitor with the last fakesmc kext from Slice : @oSxFr33k, What revision of Mozodojo Chameleon are using to get lpc warning away? Could you post it? Any other advice? Thanks for all your work! Julien.
  11. Cool News! Great job, especially Slice! Thanks to oSxFr33k and Thanks to all! How can we be sure that C-States is working? I tried this command i found on an osx86 site but it did not report anything as it should : sudo ioreg -lw0 | grep CSTInfo I now don't have the lpc warning and istat is showing the cpu, hd and gpu temps. Any advice?
  12. Hi all, So finally that was it! With my new motherboard, no more hands/fingers hurts... ;-) My Pc temp's are now normal and values are quiet the same as Brett's ones. So Thanks a lot! That was a good info! Have a nice day all. ... And check the Netkas blog, Slice and others has done a good work (regarding monitoring temps...) Julien.
  13. Hi Immo, Hi Brett Thanks to you two, i finally called Dell as my Pc was still under waranty. A technician come on monday to replace the motherboard. Thanks a lot guy. Good to talk to you as you always gave us good advices. Have a good weekend. Cheers Julien.
  14. Hi Immo, I finally register Coolbook and you were right, i was able to choose the cpu frequency i wanted. Here are the temperatures my Pc is having under Osx : CPU 1 :52 CPU 2 :52 HD :45 I can't see the GPU temp, is that normal? I guess there is a sensor for the Gpu too but i've tried istat and temperature monitor and both were not able to see the gpu temp... I find the Pc temp still too high even running at 800Mhz and i starting thinking like you about a gpu issue. I will try your gpu trick first. Thanks.
  15. Hi Immo, First thanks for answering. I tried Coolbook but all the frequencies were greyed so i cannot choose between them. About cleaning the vents, some days ago i've opened my Pc to clean it up. I think it is clean now. I will try to check which device is burning my hands ;-) by opening it when running. It can help me guessing which device is so hot but it looks like it is the hard drive (it has been replaced by Dell some month ago) I do not have Windows installed, only linux but as far as i can remember, my Pc is not as hot it is when running MacOs. I will give a try and let you know. Thanks again for all the advices. Julien.
  16. Hello Guys, I'm starting getting crazy these last days. Temperatures are getting hotter these last days and my fingers are burning everytime i touch the touchpad. Now i want to loose cpu speed to get a cooler cpu. I know this is related to C_state but can i do something to decrease the cpu temp like blocking it at 800mhz? Any advice will be great as i'm getting hurt more and more everyday ;-) Thanks. My Dell is an XPS 1530 with a C2D 2,5Ghz. Julien.
  17. Hi All, Thanks to Brett, Imo, and many others... we have an almost perfect hackintosh. For me, the last point is C-States because i really think the power consumption is by far bigger without this function. I'm sure we will shortly have it with the work of u all. Anyway, my post is about sleep and waking my hack from sleep. I'm not sure i'm the only to have this problem that's why i'm asking it here first. Sometimes, the third or fourth time my hack wake up from sleep, my screen stays black. I can feel it waking up but not the screen. I then, need to restart it with the power button. Not cool as now we have shutdown working... i guess it wouldn't be necessary to halt my hack with the power button again... ;-) Am i the only one? Is there a trick to do for this? Thanks in advance. PS : No news from dvi support? Regards, Julien.
  18. Mine say "replace now" (as it was an order...) ;-)
  19. Hi Immo, It looks like a MacPro 4.1 ioreg, not a MacBook Pro 4.1, isn't it?! Julien.
  20. I saw this one too... The fact is that it is ab____73 which has posted this and i saw him posting on this thread... Probably he still have a MBP4.1 and is able to give you the ioreg... ab____73, are you there? ;-)
  21. Hi All, First of all, Thanks Brett for incorporating the Shutdown patch in your Dsdt and sharing it. It works great for me. I just have a question about the Hdmi output. Does it work for you? I didn't have time to test it before but as i need it now, i tried and it freezed my Hack everytime i connected my hdmi output to my Tv. Don't know if i'm the only one with this but as you have the same config as mine, i would like to know if it is the same for you. Thanks in advance. Josh.
  22. Hello, I can't find what is going on on my hackintosh. It's using MacBook Pro 5.1 smbios plist and apparently detected itslef as it but leopard server can't load itself under vmware or parallels. I've switched from vmware 2 to parallels 5, thinking the problem could be related to it but it is not. The leopard server virtual machine is running correctly on a real Mac mini 3.1... Under parallels, it' stucked at the grey apple logo and i can't find how to boot it in verbose mode. Here are my logs : 11/19/09 6:55:49 PM [0x0-0x1bf1bf].com.parallels.desktop.console[30167] objc[30167]: Class QMacSoundDelegate is implemented in both /Library/Parallels/Parallels Service.app/Contents/MacOS/libQtGui.4.dylib and /Library/Parallels/Parallels Service.app/Contents/Frameworks/ParallelsVirtualizationSDK.framework/Versions/Current/Libraries/libprl_sdk.dylib. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined. 11/19/09 6:55:58 PM prl_client_app[30167] CGImageCreate: invalid image size: 0 x 0. 11/19/09 6:55:58 PM [0x0-0x1bf1bf].com.parallels.desktop.console[30167] Thu Nov 19 18:55:58 juju.xxxxxxx.com prl_client_app[30167] <Error>: CGImageCreate: invalid image size: 0 x 0. 11/19/09 6:56:01 PM kernel com_parallels_usb_control(0x130f1400)::setProperties() PrlUsbLogLevel == 0 11/19/09 6:56:01 PM kernel /mon/ Memory initialized (available: 1128 mb, VESA: 32 mb, swap: 1160 mb) 11/19/09 6:56:01 PM kernel /mon/ VPID base for this VM is 0x1 11/19/09 6:56:01 PM kernel /mon/ [HpcMonitorOpen] Opened successfully 11/19/09 6:56:01 PM kernel /drv/ HypIoctls.c:715 Parallels hypervisor inited (cpus=2 vtx=Enabled vtd=NO svm=NotPresent phy=PAE lin=x32 mem=4096) 11/19/09 6:56:02 PM kernel /mon/ Monitor linear space: 0xfffff00000000000 ... 0xfffff0000842c000(000000000000842c) size=132 mb, size+frames=136 mb 11/19/09 6:56:02 PM kernel /mon/ [rvi] No RVI support on the box 11/19/09 6:56:02 PM kernel /mon/ [ept] No EPT support on the box (3) 11/19/09 6:56:02 PM kernel /mon/ [LoadMonitor] Monitor started( ipi vector=71 ) 11/19/09 6:56:02 PM kernel com_parallels_usb_control(0x130f1400)::setProperties() PrlUsbLogLevel == 0 11/19/09 6:56:03 PM prl_client_app[30167] CGImageCreate: invalid image size: 0 x 0. 11/19/09 6:56:03 PM [0x0-0x1bf1bf].com.parallels.desktop.console[30167] Thu Nov 19 18:56:03 juju.xxxxxxxxx.com prl_client_app[30167] <Error>: CGImageCreate: invalid image size: 0 x 0. 11/19/09 6:56:04 PM ptmd[27] [ERROR] Failed to update ODD thermal key to 0 (read 0xe00002c9) Thanks in advance for helping me. Josh.
  23. Strange, I have the config as yours and i can't get more than 2 hours with it. But as i work with my hack every day, battery are possibly near the end... Josh.