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  1. Suggested stable install?

    Thanks for the help! I have a question.. so the HCL guide for 10.9.0 has support for my motherboard and graphics card so is it safe to say i can use anything above 10.9.0? Like 10.9.4 without any issues? It seems logical that each version of maverick only offer more support than less..
  2. Suggested stable install?

    I'm asking for the most stable install and software version.. For hardware its what I got already.. So it will work or won't.
  3. Suggested stable install?

    I'm probably just going to do some surfing and playing around.. Maybe steam just to see how it runs.. Nothing straining
  4. Hi there, New to the forums here so I hope i posted in the right place.. I have the following build: i7-920 oc 3.8ghz P6TD deluxe v1 evga 760 2gb I think this is what really matters the most.. so let me know if i'm missing anything... Please suggest a stable install for me! I'm very excited to try this out.. I will be installing it on a seperate 80gb ssd intel x-25m.. and will be running windows 8.1 on a separate drive, will i need a special application to dual boot? Thanks!