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    Thank you! My Hackintosh lost it's mind and I couldn't get the other driver to work anymore. Followed your instructions with this and everything is back to normal!
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    Thank You! It works
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    Odd.. Same situation. Can read HFS from Q-Flash but can't get to the boot menu or settings. I am starting to think my computer wants me to use clover just to torture me. I will have to think about this and try and figure out what might be unique about my system. Thanks!
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    I really appreciate the help. Unfortunately it did not work. I could no longer get into the BIOS setup or choose boot devices. I could read my OS X partitions when using Q-Flash so I know that some of it worked. I just couldn't boot anything until I re-flashed with a stock BIOS.
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    Thank you! I will not hold anyone responsible but myself.
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    Hello Ozmosis guru's. I have searched high and low and have come up empty. I am not certain I want to try and make my own firmware and I am hoping that someone has already done it. Does anyone have Ozmosis firmware for the GA-Z87X-HD3? Any help would be very much appreciated!!!