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  1. Please APFS.efi macOS High Siierra beta 5 10.13.4 (17E182a)
  2. Intel WIFI Driver

    Intel Wi-fi die?
  3. @FredWst hi, Thanks you.
  4. Sorry, I do not know
  5. It's from a clover configurator. Is it right or not?
  6. You can display an image from config.plist. please?
  7. On the back side I have 4 USB ports 3.0 and only one USB printer works. The USB stick does not work on any USB port. I hope that soon guys make a USB fix.
  8. I wonder if anyone is working USB ports on HS 10.13.4 B1. Thank you.
  9. Help - boot with Lenovo M900z

    Thanks, I'll wait for the correction.
  10. Help - boot with Lenovo M900z

    Do I have to install 10.13.3 HS back to make USB inputs work?
  11. Help - boot with Lenovo M900z

    @cyberdevs please help! Install HS 10.13.4 B1 it does not recognize the USB external disk and a key? (AppleUSBXHCIPCI 837d8c10 837d8c7f ) )
  12. Please help! It does not recognize the USB external disk and a key? (AppleUSBXHCIPCI)
  13. Help - boot with Lenovo M900z

    It works great r4382 Thank you.
  14. Help - boot with Lenovo M900z

    @cyberdevs hi, please help! I did a fresh install of H.S., everything is OK until I got to second part of installation where I had to select a country. There I got an error (Reopen) which I added here. Clover v4380. Problem Report for macOS.zip