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  1. luky35

    Clover Themes

    @blackosx hi, Thanks for the notice. Now it's okay.
  2. luky35

    Clover Themes

    Why do I have a delay in the icons below? Thema
  3. MaLd0n hi, Well, please, if you look at my Clover if it was wrong in it, because at the start of the show, I'll show those lines on the screen before I log in. Thank you. CLOVER.zip
  4. When MacOS 10.14.1 starts loading macros on the monitor (image) appear before entering the password. Is there a solution? Thank you. Picture
  5. luky35

    Clover Themes

    @Badruzeus hi, Thanx 100x, super icons 128px my monitor.
  6. luky35


    When installing Chameleon, I'm stopping it all together Chameleon
  7. luky35

    Lenovo ThinkCentre M910x

    I have the ThinkCentre M900z, and there is no difference between the M910x configuration. Copy my clover to the EFI folder and try it. CLOVER.zip
  8. I used the installer of chris1111 and made the installation of Mojave HFS and not APFS.
  9. I have a SSD and I will make a clean installation of Mojave, Which installation do you recommend as HFS + or APFS. Thank you
  10. luky35

    Clover Themes

    Super themes only for the monitor of 23 inch oversized icons.
  11. luky35

    Clover Themes

    I'm using Mojave, my resolution 1920x1080 24" Maybe you could make a size of 128px os_icons.
  12. luky35

    Clover Themes

    Why do I show such large clover icons?
  13. luky35

    Intel WIFI Driver

    Hello! Is there any progress for Intel Wi-Fi? Thank you!
  14. luky35

    Clover Themes

    @chris1111 super thema, Thanks
  15. MaLd0n hi, Which of your Clover I need to use to be right for my Intel Q170 Chipset. Thank you!