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  1. luky35

    Intel WIFI Driver

  2. I have exactly the same problem. I can not find a solution.
  3. luky35

    Intel WIFI Driver

    Intel Wi-fi
  4. Thank you. Do it according to your instructions and USB will appear in Clover.
  5. @Cyberdevs, Do not allow me to rename folders in .IABootfiles ? No rename folder
  6. Can I just make a folder? Folder
  7. @Cyberdevs hi, Not OK this folder? IABootFiles
  8. I have the same problem with USB. I attach pictures. Photo CLOVER.zip
  9. @chris1111 hi, Please apfs.efi macOS 10.13.4 Thank you. P.S. Bios shows a normal USB stick and Clover does not show it.
  10. I did macOS HS 10.13.4 installation on USB using Clover V4418. On comp. startup USB is not shown on Clover menu. It just shows macos hs and recovery. Pls help.
  11. 10.13.4 APFS.efi please.
  12. luky35

    Clover Themes

    Super theme Chamelia. Thanks
  13. Please APFS.efi macOS High Siierra beta 5 10.13.4 (17E182a)