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    Hi all. I really would love some guidance here! I have been reading loads about Ozmosis - its sounds like an amazing tool! So I wanted to flash my BIOS (GA-Z77N-WIFI) for Windows 10 & El Capitan to dual boot. I already have booth dual booting with F2 Bios of my motherboard. I downloaded the Ozmosis rom with HighSierra Support from Hackintosh-Forum.de I extracted the Rom to the usb and flashed the bios. When the computer restarts I loaded ‘Optimised defaults’. Then I tried to boot into Windows OR OSX and nothing happens. I created a vanilla OSX installer USB (with No clover) but even this will not boot. All I see is a black box or something similar. See the image attached! I tried to boot into a Windows Rescue USB and I just got a grey box on the screen - nothing else. I can boot into BIOS but nothing else? Any ideas? Thanks for the help everyone
  2. Hi guys, I've been having this for a while but never thought much of it, I'd really like to get it fixed. I'm running OSX 10.10 using Clover and I have 2 SSDs and 1 large HDD. OSX is on my primary SSD. Sometimes maybe 33% of the time the machine boots and just gets stuck on the status bar screen. Some crude pic i found on the web It just sits and doesnt load anything. I just reset the machine and it always boots after. Now on a seperate note I've noticed my large 4TB HDD (that is shared between Win 8.1 and OSX 10.10) gets corrupted every now and again. I've tried all sorts of tricks but one guys mentioned it could be my bootloader corrupting it. Anyway where should I start? I presume the booting of OSX is hanging on something? any help would be great.
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    Introduce yourself.

    Best of luck Number 1 tip for professionals and Hackintosh - Clone your Hackintish once it is setup properly and before every update.
  4. Go through process, then install the boot loader onto the fresh Yosemite Install on your Hard Drive Any final kexts and tweaks (iMessage fix, etc.) The above two steps are not so trivial for n00bs to Clover. In an ideal world these stes couold do with much more clarification. To get my boot loader working I had to copy the EFI folder from the EFI partition on my USB to the EFI pertition on my Yosemite HDD.
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    Stuck on boot after installing clover

    YES!!!! I had a Eureaka moment today. I was messing around mounting the EFI partitions but I still couldnt understand why the hardrive was booting differently (with no graphics support). I knew the config settings were different but I couldnt find them. So for any other n00b on here this is what I did. Ran Clover Configurator off the USB and mounted the EFI partition (which I presumed must be the EFI of the USB) Copied the EFI folder to the desktop Unmounted the EFI partition Ejected the bootable USB from the machine (just to be sure i'm only working on the hdd EFI) Ran clover configurator off the hardrive and mounted the EFI partition Copied the EFI folder from the desktop over the simialr folder on the EFI partition. I rebooted and removed the USB and Finally i could boot off the HDD! This is probably obvious for lots of you guys but not for us noobs Only two issues now - 1 - No network device has been found. I tried to install the broadcom kext using Vietnam but still not working. I tried to install the realtek kext (as another guy suggested) but still not working - I'm not sure how to proceed. On the EFI drive under the 'Other' folder only the 'FAKESMC' kext exists, should I drop teh other two in here? 2 - I read that the ALC892 Realtek Kext doesnt work so I installed Voodoo 2xx4 but now my sound has a background fuzz to it. Any ideas? How do I remove the old Kext if i want to try others? Thanks very much! Baz
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    Stuck on boot after installing clover

    Thanks for your reply. When I boot from bootable USB and select my hdd it goes straight into Yosemite. But when I boot directly to Yosemite hdd it blacks out. I have to set graphicsenabler=no in arguments before I can boot with hdd. I installed clover with uefi using Hackintosh Vietnam. Now in Yosemite I open clover configurator, click mount efi partition, then open partition, then I can see clover folder with a config.Plist inside. When I open that there are a bunch of arguments. I added graphicsenabler=no But I still don't think it boots from hdd
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    Stuck on boot after installing clover

    Hi mate, thanks very much. I realise I had the - s argument. I'm very close now. When I boot from the disk the screen goes blank. Now I have to boot from the bootable USB and set graphicsenabler=no in clover options. I'm not 100% sure where I should edit the config p. List I'm used to chameleon with an Extras folder with a boot. Plist I think I need to mount an efi partition using clover configurator then edit the config file, is this right?
  8. Hi guys, I've been trying this for awhile but I still can't get past this screen. I can install Yosemite fine from the USB. When Yosemite loads my network and sound doesn't work. Using hackintosh Vietnam I installed clover with uefi. And install the Broadcom kext and the voodoo kext for sound. I also checked the latest fakesmc However when I reboot now with - v and kext-dev arguments. My boot screen is stuck here. Sorry for being a noob, but does anyone have any ideas?? Sorry for double post I'm on my phone
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    cannot boot without USB installer

    I'm quite a n00b but my first reaction is - did you run the Clover/Chamelon bootlader installer again after you installed Yosemite???\ You need to install the bootlader to the drive of the OS
  10. I have some issues after installing yosemite - can I just copy the config.plist and smbios.plist from Mavericks onto yosemite. I read somewhere on this forum that it could work? Maybe I'm clutching at straws
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    Water Cooled G4 Cube case mod

    Absolutely incredible build - loved reading every minute of it!
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    Introduce yourself.

    Hey guys, I'm a 30 yr old from Ireland. Built my first Hackintosh last November and apart from a nightmare of never getting bluetooth to work i love my rig so much! I'm an active member on another popular forum which you're not allowed talk about here as the author of that forum has 'commercial intent'. It's totally wrong if he benefits from stealing code from good developers liek yourselves but if he posts links to amazon or whatever, thats not too bad right? Anyway, I came here after reading some excellent tutorials on Yosemite. You all seem like a clever bunch so i'll defo stick around and pitch in, if I can. Cheers!