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  1. Hi everyone, as said above I have a problem with my old laptop (Acer 4739z-4823) I'm trying to install iAtkos S3v2 but im not able to boot after it finishes installing, it just reboots immediately after the apple logo, it doesn't even take 1 second to reboot itself. These are my system aspects: Intel Pentium P6200 Intel HD Graphics 2GB DDr3 Ram 500 Gb* Acer Nplify *The 500Gb caused boot0:error, I solved it with the boot1h file. What im trying to install: iAtkos s3v2 from USB, md5 checked, re-downloaded like 5 times. Also i've tried installing the retail version but it does the same, and I can't get even to the installation screen using the flags that I use with iatkos. To get to the installation screen I need to boot using this flag, if I don't use it it restarts. -v arch=i386 busratio=17 but it doesn't work when when it's already installed. I think the problem is what I select on the setup, as I don't have experience installing osx on laptops I just try random stuff, of course i've been doing some research before posting and besides that im not a n00b. I had my desktop running mountain lion but I sold it, so now I can't try other installation methods. Sorry if there is any mistake, english is my second language so if you can provide help in spanish it would be better but im ok with english too.