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  1. I have Sierra ups and running on my X99-Deluxe II/6950X system thanks to all the contributors on this forum. The one problem I have is getting the Nvidia drivers working with my Gigabyte GTX 970. I have tried all combinations of web driver/nvidia enabled/disabled/ and frustratingly enough the odd time I get the acceleration but on the next boot I loose it to the black screen even though I use the exact same video flags. Seems like I am missing something here ... any suggestions? Screen sharing has been a life saver in all these machinations!
  2. I finally have my X99-Deluxe II with 6950X running with Sierra...What a red letter day! I could not do it without the help of the community that contributed to this and other posts... SO... A VERY BIG thank you to all who have put so much effort and 'brain-power' to make this happen. Many thanks...
  3. I have an ASUS X99-Deluxe II running el cap with the 6950X CPU, using Brumbaer's patch (thank you!!). I had migrated from el cap/5960X quite easily. I am now wondering what is needed to further move from el cap to Sierra....would it just be the 10.12 patch that follows Brumbaer's patch on the first post or have others run into other requirements? I would very much appreciate any suggestions as I think I have reached my knowledge limit...
  4. Many thanks to Brumbaer...with his guide I did get my 5960X up and running with some struggles but did get it all installed and operating. Not to be satisfied with that I upgraded the CPU top the 6950X and after some struggle but guided by Brumbaer's guide managed to get that up and running as well! So...Many Thanks Brumbaer.
  5. You are indeed correct and am not sure how I missed that. So I redid the instructions and now have the USB as a UEFI device. When I select as boot volume I do indeed get the correct clover startup from the stick however I get a bit further along (-v used) but end up at the same (or maybe different) dreaded [pci begin...]. I have made changes to the bios starting off with default and making changes to CSM/other OS etc. The patch in clover shows up so it is there in place. I have disabled on board wifi and BT just to simplify possible conflicts. In all the mackintoshes I have made most of the problems arise in BIOS settings but this one time I am confused (more than normally that is).
  6. So I made a new sad disk, following the instructions to the letter or smaller. Same problem...stops at [PCI .....] and then reboots. I have tried most USB ports on my box, front and back. Two things... 1) I am using an USB/OWC aurora ssd and the sad was a 256Gb removed from MacBook pro laptop...but all formatted and tested etc. 2) I did add the two broadcom kext which I think are not necessary? I also disabled wifi and BT in the BIOS (latest bios installed). SO I remain at a loss but will keep plugging away...
  7. I have made adjustments to the BIOS (thanks thenhighflyer) and more progress is made, but same end result. I am booting off of augustopaulo's installation sad/clover and have tried the -v -x -f combinations. I will do anopther sad creation in case I made a mistake on the first creation and report back on this. I must say if I can get the X99 running with EC then I will be ecstatic and thankful for all the help and suggestions...
  8. I followed these great instructions (to the 'T' as best I can remember...twice) and at start-up the apple log appears, then the bar below the logo and then just a very small increment in the bar ... then reset/reboot! In verbose mode, the computer (X99-Deluxe/5960X) the hang occurs at the dreaded [PCI configuration begin...and then about 5 seconds later reboot. Any ideas at all? The system runs Yosemite flawlessly currently and I would love to move up to EC if possible with this cpu.
  9. Thank you for the great instructions...but... When I select the USB device I go straight into the Apple logo and bar which progresses a very small amount then reboot! Using -v I reach a page plus to the point where the dreaded [pci configuration begin...and then 5 seconds later a reboot. I also note that when I select from the bios at startup the external usb is not listed as a UEFI device, but does show up in clover screen from another drive). I have an X99-Deluxe from ASUS with 5960X cpu. Any ideas?