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  1. Stupid me. It was caused by HFSPlus-64.efi being omitted.
  2. I may have narrowed the problem down to the files in Drivers64UEFI folder. Your files are ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi AppleImageLoader-64.efi AppleUISupport-64.efi AptioInputFix-64.efi AptioMemoryFix-64.efi DataHubDxe-64.efi FSInject-64.efi SMCHelper-64.efi When I substituted my T430 files the USB volume finally appeared in the boot. They are FSInject-64.efi HFSPlus-64.efi NTFS-64.efi OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi OsxFatBinaryDrv-64.efi SMCHelper-64.efi apfs.efi Now booting the Mojave Install option it reaches the Mac OS Install menu and when I tried to install to the hard drive it progresses to two minutes left then screen blanks out and reboots back to the Clover menu. Note the hard drive was initialized with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and GUID partition.
  3. I created a Mojave Install usb drive then mounted EFI partition and created EFI folder with your Clover folder. Next I copied Boot folder from my own EFI folder on a T430 with Mojave. When I booted the usb on T440p the boot menu appeared with Clover options but the actual Install Mojave was not visible. Would you mind checking this as well.
  4. Hello, Noticed the Boot folder is not included in the zip only Clover. Could you please check and add. Many thanks, Art
  5. Will try your configuration. Many thanks, Art
  6. Hello InsanelyMac Protégé I wish to enable the mini displayport on the same configuration of T430 and found discrepancies when editing my config.plist in Clover Configurator. Let me explain. Your T430HiRes2PortFix.plist has the following lines. <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>#ig-platform-id</key> <string>0x01660004</string> <key>DualLink</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>Inject</key> <dict> <key>ATI</key> <false/> <key>Intel</key> <true/> <key>NVidia</key> <false/> </dict> <key>ig-platform-id</key> <string>0x01660003</string> </dict> When I edit my config.plist with your values in CC I get something similar but missing the first set of ig-platform-id statements: <key>#ig-platform-id</key> <string>0x01660004</string> Two questions: Did you edit config.plist manually with a text editor or Clover Configurator because CC only gives the last two ig-platform-id with 0x01660003 lines. Why is there #ig-platform-id instead of ig-platform-id without the "#". Is the first set of #ig-platform-id with 0x01660004 necessary. My intuition says the first set of #ig-platform-id is unnecessary but I want to be certain before saving to EFI. Many thanks, Art