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  1. That's good to know, good job !! Looking forward to try Mojave too but very busy at the moment
  2. That's really helpful. I will make sure to re-read your post in future when I decide to return to the macOS scene. And you are definitely correct about the guide being outdated now.
  3. Hi ... I know this won't be a helpful reply but I'm away from macOS and hackintosh scene since long ago. I did experimental installs with 10.12 personally and it should work but I'm not sure if the guide is correct enough at the moment and after all the updates Sierra received. What I'm sure of is that I did not attempt using High Sierra at all and I have no idea about fixing things for it to work fine on our notebook. With that said, I have plans to try Mojave once it is released and hopefully we all could get it to work great. Sorry for the late reply, Ahmed
  4. I don't have a modded bios so I don't know for sure what does the tables (DSDT and SSDTs) look like or how different they are from the stock. You could compare the tables and see if there's any change that affect any patch and if that is the case, you might need a special SSDT-HACK files
  5. Speaking of myself, I stopped updating this guide since Sierra 10.12.x and I'm still using 10.11.6 on my machine. However, many have had success with Sierra and beyond on this computer and as you said you will find useful information hidden. Just read the most recent posts since 10.13 was released and you will be good to go. It is tempting to say that I will give it a try and intend to update the guide one day but as you see this laptop is getting old (almost 5 years old) and a lot of people already moved on to other newer computers.
  6. I hope so but I'm afraid it's not that simple. You might wanna take a good read here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304933-help-fixing-lenovo-y510p-nvidia-gt-755m-on-os-x-yosemite-10102/.
  7. With pleasure Just follow the steps mentioned here (https://github.com/ahmed-ais/Y510p-OSX-AppleHDA) and you will have working audio. It's a tried and proven method. This is encouraging, I will try this some time soon. Thanks for the tip! Mentioned in the guide already and no; there is a problem having it fully working. Although macOS can boot using the built-in Nvidia GPU (only for those who have 2nd ultrabay GPU), the driver does not load correctly. Something is missing, and most importantly community interest as such hardware configuration is rare. Take a look here for more information (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304933-help-fixing-lenovo-y510p-nvidia-gt-755m-on-os-x-yosemite-10102/) No. Fake means something different than the truth, obviously. The mobile HD4600 GPU has id=0x04168086 which IS NOT supported in macOS. The desktop HD4600 GPU which has id=0x04128086 IS supported, however. This is why we instruct Clover to camouflage our not supported iGPU as another one that is supported. We need to set FakeID as 0x04128086.
  8. Once you realize that this is a hackintosh and that once upon a time this laptop did not even have the basic stuff like proper graphics, you will get over the small things like that. I'm sorry to call it small things but when you say "everything working except audio", I thought you have a problem getting audio to work then it turns out that audio is actually working on your setup but you just don't like the way volume is changed. This is something a real mac user may complain about (or not) but for a hackintosher, I don't think so. Regarding kexts, use whichever one that will give you the nicer results. Totally up to you.
  9. This is unfortunate. However, I suggest you start clean. Reinstall while wiping OS X partition and literally follow the guide here and you will have the results you want. If you have the same hardware as I do, you should expect to have the same output if you follow exactly the same steps. Note: you don't need to make multiple quotes, just quote what is relevant and nothing more to keep the topic clean. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm sorry but I'm still on 10.11.x El Capitan and I have decided earlier to skip Sierra. So I can't be much of a help, sorry again, I hope someone else would.
  11. Regarding the VGA port, no. Now for the third monitor, I found this after a primitive search: Plugable USB to VGA Video Graphics Adapter for Multiple Displays up to 1920x1080 Some reports this works under Mac OS as well, not sure about hackintosh though.
  12. Sorry I was busy of late ... do you still have the problem?
  13. I hope you guys have had your problems solved. I'm sorry I'm of no help but I don't use Sierra ....
  14. Yeah and a quick search on eBay showed results for Y510p LVDS cables but not any result for eDP cables. Another search led me here which say the same thing: it is an LVDS. Why would Windows and Linux say otherwise? I really wanna know !! Unless, the graphics source is genuine eDP but the display is LVDS and there's some kind of bridge device that connects between the two. PTN3460 is an example of this: If that's the case, I think it could be related to the problem we have where macOS sees the built-in display as external. It could be that Nvidia driver (for mac) is not working fine with that bridge (why IGPU driver works fine with the bridge? no idea). [just a thought]