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  1. M4RWiN

    Install without custom ISO?

    @LexHimself: I got into all these hackintosh-things in 2012, so it's hard to imagine how it was possible to load the OS without a bootloader... The first bootloader came with Leopard, right? So there was no verification, if it was an EFI? The patched kernel should be extractable from the JaS image, shouldn't it?
  2. I'm askin' myself if it would be possible to install 10.4 without a distro like the modified JaS Image... Just a original Disk Image and a bootloader... (somehow JaS must have done it) Is there anyone who knows something about it?
  3. M4RWiN

    "CPU halted" when shutting down

    I had to update my BIOS, that fixed it. It sounds easy, and it is
  4. M4RWiN

    [Brainstorming] Notebook Mod

    What about a case to put over the top of the case? It would cover the logo ?
  5. M4RWiN

    Get AR9565 to work?

    AtherosAirport40 does nothing if you add the DeviceIDs to the Kext. What do you mean with Hex Edits? What would you try to edit? Then it looks like everything in my NB works 100%
  6. M4RWiN

    [Brainstorming] Notebook Mod

    Yes, I want to because of a Carbon Skin.
  7. I've got some ideas for my first notebook mod First of all: This is for the Acer Aspire E1-572G-...Dnkk, but there are also some other models with the same size A photo: I am posting this because I've got some questions: -There is a "Acer"-Branding on the back: How to fill that Logo so I get a flat surface? - Where to get some power for LEDs or something like that? From the battery? -What is the font of the "Macbook Pro"-lettering of the MBP and MBA? Thanks in advance M4RWiN
  8. M4RWiN

    Xeon Mac Pro 3.1

    Okay, I will open a new thread and stop spamming into this tread, sorry
  9. M4RWiN

    Xeon Mac Pro 3.1

    Do you think that I can use a modded skin of a 17 inch MBP for my mod. When the logo is cutted out, I could use it for the back, couldn't I?
  10. M4RWiN

    Xeon Mac Pro 3.1

    I've also got an Idea. But for a modded notebook. Any Idea where to get an MBP Apple sticker in the real size, not those which are shipped with an iPhone for example. Any Ideas?
  11. M4RWiN

    Get AR9565 to work?

    If I try to edit the DSDT patch for the ar9285 from rehabman by editing names and IDs, it takes no effect on the DSDT. Is that normal?
  12. M4RWiN

    Get AR9565 to work?

    Sorry for double posting but, any progress on that?
  13. M4RWiN

    Xeon Mac Pro 3.1

    With my board I can't overclock mine
  14. M4RWiN

    Xeon Mac Pro 3.1

    I sometimes had 48xx Points in Multicore And no, I'm not overclocking
  15. M4RWiN

    Xeon Mac Pro 3.1

    So it is the same score as my main system.