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  1. hi thanks for the answer. but, i don't have Voodoopower.kext. and it seems that Voodoopower is not supported with SL. i have tried voodoopowermini, but, i cannot install it. (it say that voodopowermini is not supported) so, finally, i don't have throtlling enabled, neither the ability to restart / shutdown. i have tried CPU-I and no throttling apear. with the command "sysctl -a | grep cpu" the min frequency is equal to the max. and no CPU trotlle info... if you have any idea... kind regards zackouille
  2. One More time, many thanks to everyone. my dell d630 mac os is back on duty. and i'm very happy. but... there is a but. i'm not sure that the DSDT.aml file is used. i have put it on the root directory but i still have the issue with restart. the screen is going to be black, and nothing append. i should press the power button in order to be able to reboot. have you any idea ? my system : Dell D630 Proc : T9300 (ES) Mem: 4 GO HDD : 160 Go 7200 tr/min Video : Nvidia NV 135 integrated Audio HD Ethernet broadcom Wifi : Atheros AR5BXB92 Bluetooth Dell 360 WWAN Dell 5530 Mac OS 10.6.3 everything is working well, except restart, shutdown. there is a special way to install the DSDT file ? kind regards Zackouille
  3. Thanks to all, i have my ethernet back but i have lost my screen ... because, after getting back my ethernet, i have launched the upgrade utility. and since this upgrade, i have a black screen instead of the logon screen. but, anyway thank to you . i guess i will reinstall my Computer. Kind regards Xavier
  4. Hello first of all, many thanks to Leppy for the job he's doing on the D620, it's wonderfull, and installing a mac os on a D60 is really easy, even for a noob like me. after this succes on a D620, i try to do the Same on my D630. but, there is no way currently for me to have Ethernet. i have try many thing, but, at the end, ethernet doesnt want to work and i have a question. when you said put in S/L/E it's System/Library/Extra ? when i do that, i have a popup saying that this kext cannot be installed due to improper installation. maybe i put the Kext in the wrong directory (for now, i pu it in the Extra directory) kind regards Zackouille ps: i still have also issue with the T9300 witch is not recognized, and Sleep / restart / shutdown.