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  1. Multiple apps failing to launch

    @Verdant I'm going to follow your guide tomorrow. It's much MUCH more complicated than the guide I followed first time around (for Mavericks) but it looks very well explained. Apologies in advance for any stupid questions.
  2. Multiple apps failing to launch

    Hi Verdant, thanks for checking in on this thread. I do indeed have a ripple effect when I follow your instructions. So does that mean that I have QE/CI working? I was in the chatroom last night and folks in there thought that perhaps my issues were caused by a bad mavericks image during install...it was an AppStore download. Whatever the cause, I do tend to agree with RehabMan that power management should be a higher priority than sound, at least.
  3. Multiple apps failing to launch

    I have a translucent menu bar...any other way I can determine whether it is or not?
  4. Multiple apps failing to launch

    Console with MaciASL and IORegistryExplorer launched
  5. I have NullCPUPowerManagement.kext in S/L/E but my computer is able to sleep and wake without any problem, S6.3 suggests that this shouldn't be the case. I'm just about to try and sort out my power management but I don't want to jump ahead until I know what's going on with this.
  6. Multiple apps failing to launch

    @RehabMan, That all makes perfect sense, and of course you're quite right. Speedstep was on my list and I'm just dipping my toes into DSDT (same as SSDT?) for the first time right now. I'll do some searching on here to find info on power management. Thank you Just to clarify: I am booting from my HDD via chameleon boot loader, is this what you meant when you said "...booting from your HDD as soon as possible."?
  7. Multiple apps failing to launch

    @RehabMan, I installed as per this guide up to Part 4 - Initial Boot, at which point I jumped off to sort out my Ethernet and Sound Problems with a view to getting back into the guide at a later stage.
  8. Multiple apps failing to launch

    @RehabMac, Thanks for your reply. The only thing I have in my /Extra folder is SMBios.plist?
  9. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    Hi Verdant, I have more issues with launching applications, in particular the IORegistryExplorer you mentioned in your previous post, I've started a new thread here so as not to confuse this thread and in the hope that it helps others find an answer more easily. I'll check back in here when I've resolved that issue. Thank you for all your help; you've helped me here and on other posts and do really appreciate it.
  10. I have a vanilla install of Mavericks with just IONetworkingFamily edited to enable my Yukon ethernet, I've found several applications fail to launch, the most irritating of these (for me) are MaciASL and IORegistryExplorer. Both start to launch (icon appears in dock) and then become unresponsive, the only option is to Force Quit. Is there a log somewhere I can view to try and determine what's stopping them from launching? Thank you
  11. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    @verdant, Any idea why I can't find Device (USBE) or Device (POP4) in the .aml you kindly cleaned up for me?
  12. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    @verdant, Thank you so much for doing that for me, I really appreciate it! I'm going to read your (linked) post now and attempt to get this audio working. Thanks.
  13. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    @Verdant I think that might be best...I do want to learn how to do this but I don't think I'm going to learn tonight. This is the original DSDT I exported in Windows (.bin format), Thank you
  14. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    @Verdant, Tried that, but got a whole load of errors... Sorry
  15. [Solved] Help with ADI AD2000b on Mavericks

    @Verdant, I'm using DSDT Editor but only because MaciASL won't launch properly for me, it just sits bouncing away in the dock. Also, as a side point, I'm unable to extract DSDT from within DSDT Editor.