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  1. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    I have an acer 5570z that i bought for $499.00 US specs: intel core 2 duo 1.73 ghz @ 667 fsb ? the lower fsb available. dont remember what it is. 2 gigs of ram intel gma950 graphics (mouse tearing, block in the left hand corner, just like everyone else.) intel ich7 chipset 8x dvdr 160gb sata 5400rpm hd broadcom dw 1390 (dell - 802.11b/g not original - swapped out cause its the brcm1020 chip) generic bluetooth 2.0 module (installed and working fine) ive run just about every flavor of osx86 around on this machine - kalyway, toh, mac.nub uphuck, JaS. pretty much everything works fine. im having problems with the graphics in leopard, but other than that, it runs very nicely with efi mbr installed, running vanilla kexts and kernels. i had downgraded to XXX 10.4.11 but today i installed the bluetooth module, and swapped out the incompatible atheros ar5007eg with a compatible dell dw1390. i rebooted and the bluetooth worked like a champ. however, i cant seem to get the dw1390 working. im not even sure where to start. it works fine in vista, but im not sure what to do with it in leo. im trying a clean install of kalyway 10.5.1 right now. wish me luck
  2. probably wont make you feel much better, but i am suffering from the exact same issues. my specs are as follows: ToH patched leopard RC2/xp pro/ubuntu 7.10 via grub acer 5570z laptop with t70 core 2 duo 1.73ghz - although it only shows one core right now 2 gigs of ram ich7r chipset mb gma950 gpu - qe+ci working 160 gig sata hard drive azalia audio marvell gigabit ethernet - shows up, doesnt work ar5007eg chip wifi - not working at all
  3. OSX on Acer Aspire 5100

    its not going to detect your sata controller, therein lies the problem. you have a 120gb hd no?