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  1. Thx but itreid another way .I put the iasl file per drag and drop into terminal window and added the rest of the command -da *.aml and it worked. I decompiled the DSDT and the SSDTs , loaded them into MACiasl. did i had to rename the SSDT-2x.aml and other SSDTs with the x first to SSDT-2.aml or can i rename them after compiling with MACiasl? And the 1st gernated SSDT which is in ACPI/patched .Leave or erase? For a newbie like its not really clear . In Compiler Summery for DSDT i got 12 warning 5 remarks and about 2224 optimizations .Should i put hands on it or leave it like it is? Thx for helping me
  2. Hi guys im pretty new here on Board. Im german so plz dont be so hard for bad english written by me here. 1. My Laptop is a Medion E7220 with a I3 2310M a HD3000 , 4Gb ram and 750Gb HDD and a normal Bios. I used the AIO tut here on Board to get my 10.9.4 mac os x on my Laptop. The way to get the Install. app of mavericks was pretty hard but doesnt matter here and have nothing to do with my problems i got . Now im at the point where have to Decompile my DSDT and SSDT aml. I think my Laptop is working fine but not perfect.some things i dont understand are, when i click install iasl in Vietnam Tool i cant find it when installation is finished .so i downloaded the latest available iasl.zip from hackintoshosx.com.hope im allowed to write the sites name and brake no rule.Now i put the iasl file to desktop and there the 2nd problem occured. when i write in terminal cd ~/Desktop no such file or directory .When i put a file from the desktop in terminal window and the it shows me the path and i erase it till desktop like /Users/Scandalous/Desktop/Hackintoshvietnam to /Users/Scandalous/Desktop/ it works . When i write the same path by my own it doesnt work . i dont get it . When im in Desktop and type the command ./iasl -da *.aml it shows command not found . so i stuck here. Btw in EFI/Clover/ACPI/origin i have ssdt with 2x , 3x, 4x.aml .should i rename them or better just erase the x . Hope u can help . Plz tell me if anything is needed for helping me Thx a lot
  3. Introduce yourself.

    Hi guys im Andre from germany.For a long time i had an mac mini from 2007 for Dj ing at home .now i bought Laptop to be more mobile . So thats why i try now to get my first hacki to work fine .And sry for my bad english sometimes .