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  1. ucan

    HP Compaq NC6220 Topic

    May I ask, exactly which release did you use? I have just tried iATKOS V7 on HP nc6220, but the dvd wont boot . It gets up to a point and says IOATA Controller Blocking Bus,, unable to mount disk0s1.... and then it shuts down or freezes on a blue screen. A little advice would be appreciated Thanks
  2. ucan

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Hi guys, still confused about whether it works or not, can someone clarify again please, thank you
  3. Get a copy of gparted live cd, and do your partitioning with that. Burn the gparted iso on a cd., boot with gparted cd , select your destination drive and try formatting it to unformatted. Then try installing again.
  4. ucan

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Does anyone have the ATI9700.kexts* from Tiger? Goop, would you mind sharing the Tiger kexts you used with the rest of us? ukrman@gmail.com Thank you
  5. ucan

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Are the kexts in the file 321_Radeon.zip , Tiger kexts to be used. Is it Callisto alone, or Callisto with Kovergh, just trying to make sure, before I commit suicide Thanks
  6. ucan

    ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Hello Goop, could you tell us the steps needed and are YUNJİNG are those files from TIGER? Thank you,
  7. ucan

    Leopard and Toshiba A100

    Couldn't help barging in, Hello Gordieh, what exactly did you do to solve your fan issue? Thanlk you
  8. Yes just checked again EFI is available for coreduo and core2duo cpu's. TIsn't there an option to install without EFI?
  9. Are you sure EFI is supported on PentM, I thought it was for coreduo, core2duo
  10. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=75295
  11. ucan

    iATKOS v1.0i Released

    Just before the release there was a discussion on the irc channel . Public or a private torrent site, since almost everyone you meet is begging for a brokenstones invite, which means no access for mass majority, they decided to put it up on a public torrent place. Now you know why. Some have reported seeing iATKOS on broken stones, but it was deemed as fake by eskurza. I hope this will shed some light on the situation.
  12. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=75295
  13. ucan

    10.5.1 Updater frm ToH?

  14. Whining and complaining is not the way to go here. Maybe you're expecting too much, all machines are not osx86 compatible and of course there's the question "ARE YOU OSX86 COMPATIBLE?". You won't find a magical wand here. You'll need to do a lot of reading before you even begin to understand the terminology or any of the setup procedures. Since you've got an AMD machine, search for aDVD for AMD. Read through the wiki, search for AMD topics, BUT READ, READ, READ Start here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=73524
  15. The best guide ever, followed the guide word for word and X300Mobility is working with full resolution and QE/CI. Thanks