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  1. So far, none of these has worked for me. I can install it on another drive but not the boot drive.
  2. I have changed the SIP to give Clover access to entire disk and no effect. I could try doing that and see.
  3. Running Catilina beta 2 and saw there is an update to Clover (4972) and I am running 4961. So, I tried to update it, and Catilina is blocking it as "incompatible" because it is writing to the system volume. I installed Clover 4961 in Catilina beta 1 with no problem. I tried to "reinstall" it and it is also blocked now. I do have Allow apps downloaded from anywhere set in Privacy and Security. Any suggestions? TIA
  4. frnic

    Catalina - Install Success

    Fully automatic update to beta 2 from system preferences/update.
  5. frnic

    Can't reliably empty trash

    Thank you, what is the "Full Stop Key" ? EDIT: Found it - >/. key. Thanks
  6. So, my installation of Catilina is working pretty well, the biggest issue is there are problems emptying the trash. Anyone else have this and anyone find a workaround?
  7. Turns out this is an addition to Security, and I have not found anyway to add apps to the Files and Folders list. It appears to be working for now by using the "Entire HD" option.
  8. There is a new option in Preferences->Security & Privacy ->Files and Folders (new to me at least). I need to give a couple background apps I run permission to access a drive that they can not access now, and it would appear what I need to to add them to this group and somehow set which folders/files they have access too. A few of my programs are already in there (I don't know how) like Plex Media Server which is set to access Network volumes. Suggestions on how to set these? TIA Frank EDIT: BTW, I already have the volume I want to give my processes access to set to everyone has full control - no joy. It worked in Mojave, so I am thinking this is new for Catalina
  9. frnic

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    I am using Transmission
  10. frnic

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Yes, at least 4940, I used it with success. I am on 4945 now and it worked.
  11. frnic

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    I use CCC to clone my working installation to a spare HD. Then upgraded to Catalina on the working installation. If things go wrong, I boot to the clone and clone it back to the original drive, then try again.
  12. I installed 10.50 beta 1 as an automatic upgrade after installing Clover 4940 on my hack which was running Mojave final dev beta. It went fine and booted first attempt. I had no audio, so I tried updating my LILU and Audio kext. I did something stupid and changed something else and now it won't boot. So, I thought, no biggie, I have a clone I made just before updating, so I booted into the clone and went to "fix" the oops. Except, apparently Mojave can not get access into /Library on Catilinia! I have tried forcing permission changes, etc. And while I can see root level directories (in terminal or finder) I can not see or access anything in side them. Suggestions or is it time to restore the the drive from the clone and try again? TIA, Frank
  13. frnic

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Installed first time as upgrade to Mojave latest dev beta using only Clover 4940. Safari security changes make it a little "fun" trying to get in here to post, Safari is positive this site is trying to lie to me about who it is
  14. Some time ago prior to Mojave I was able to simply click the update now button and go get a cup of coffee and when I came back the update would be done. Now, I have to disconnect all drives except the boot disk Mojave is installed on, and then at reboot I have to select the "Installer" on the Preboot volume a couple times until the final stage of the update is on the MacOS volume. Then it will finish okay and I can reconnect all my other drives. Is this "normal" now, or do I have something not setup correctly? It isn't hard, just annoying. TIA, Frank
  15. Problem is "fixed" in 10.14.4 beta 2 - installed yesterday and no problems since.