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  1. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. But this is the 2nd time I get a panic shortly after the Apple logo (see pic). I'm running Chris1111 app.


    Also, according to the instructions

    5.     When clover boot screen is visible, choose boot “Mac OS  X from El Capitan USB Installer”.


    But on my clover boot screen it says Boot "Mac OS from INSTALLER" (see pic)... NOT “Mac OS  X from El Capitan USB Installer” as the instructions say. I tried to rename the USB to El Capitan USB Installer with no luck.


    I "THINK" i might know what I did wrong. I copied the ENTIRE FOLDER "AMD Radeon HD 5450" from the Optiplex 780 (760) El Capitan Clover-v3 to the EFI/EFI/ACPI/Patched not just the File "DSDT.aml".


    Gonna try it again!









    5. Prepare Bootable USB Installer


        I recommend using Chris1111's app for creating your USB Installer. It is a great timesaver!    :thumbsup_anim: 


         1. Download App Here

         2. Follow instructions in first Post for creating USB Installer

         3. Select Install in ESP

         4. Select Create Installer. This step may take some time, good time to get a cold drink.  :)

        5. After App is finished, you will see EFI Partition of USB Installer on your Desktop.

        6. Open EFI Partition, then open EFI Folder, copy and paste the clover folder from Optiplex 780 (760) El Capitan Clover-v3.zip, to the EFI Folder, choose to replace folder.

         7. There are 2 different DSDT's in the Optiplex 780 (760) folder. Copy the appropriate DSDT for your installation to: EFI/EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched.

         8. Download the latest version of Clover Bootloader and copy it to the root of your USB Installer.

        9. USB Installer Pen is Done!  :)




    Many thanks to for all the hard work put in on this! 


    I'm using Chris1111's app. After the quoted steps below are done, do I simply eject the just created installer USB from my mac then boot that USB on my Dell 760? Just wondering because of the mounted EFI. Don't want to screw anything up. I'm totally new to this, but I love it!!!!!!