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  1. Here is the new dump. I also noticed I have no sound options yet. Send me iMac.at.net.zip
  2. Thank you Maldon! I installed the new DSDT and it booted fine. The first thing I tried was putting it to sleep which it did. I tried pressing the spacebar and moving the mouse and it would not wake. I pressed the power button and it woke and went to enter the password but it seemed to have froze.
  3. Hi Maldon! Installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on my Dell 780 (LGA 775) thank you. It says to post for DSDT if you can help. My files are attached. SPECS: High Sierra 10.13.6 Dell Optiplex 780 Mini Tower Q9400 Core2Quad CPU AMD 6450 1GB Video Card Send me iMac.at.net.zip
  4. I used Kext Utility to install S/L/E and this dang thing is still messing with me with slow acceleration. I'm going to try a 6450 next to see if i have better luck
  5. Oppppppppssssss!!!!!! Sorry, I'll use kext utility now. Hope I didn't screw anything up
  6. UPDATE: I just did a fresh 10.13.6 install "just in case" something was wrong. I added the original S/L/E with KextWizard and used our latest EFI folder we've been working on and have same slowness. Resolution is fine and it shows proper ATI Radeon HD 5000 1024 MB in about this Mac. Any ideas, this thing is kicking my butt? Here are my IOreg files: Send me Macs-iMac.at.net.zip And my current EFI: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9cx99r4gt8dx5lw/EFI-.zip?dl=0 MY SPECS: Dell Optiplex 780 Mini Tower Q9400 Core2Quad CPU Sapphire 5450 1GB
  7. I just used KextUtility to install old kexts with no luck. I'm going to do a fresh install because it has to be something on my end as you really know your stuff! I'll update shortly. Thanks again for all the help, it is greatly appreciated!
  8. I installed but unfortunately that didn't help. BUT I'm more impressed that you made a dang installer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the heck?????? You are one smart man.
  9. Thanks for that. Unfortunately it's still doing the same.
  10. Hey Chris1111!!!!!! I have the latest Clover_v2.4k_r4700. I have attached my complete EFI folder below. THANKS!!!!!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ooxodynxgwm9tfu/EFI.zip?dl=0
  11. UPDATE: I put my original DSDT that I got from step4 of this guide and used your attached config.plist and still have the lag (5 seconds to launch launchpad, etc.). I have full resolution, it is just super slow. Here are my current IOreg (RunMe) files since we were changing all kinds of stuff. I really appreciate all the help trying to get this old 780 shining again! Send me Macs-iMac.at.net.zip Here are my S/L/E files in case maybe they are old or modified (just thinking of everything): https://www.dropbox.com/s/mhg23h6oevg7xqo/S%3AL%3AE.zip?dl=0 MY SPECS: Dell Optiplex 780 Mini Tower Q9400 Core2Quad CPU Sapphire 5450 1GB
  12. Sleep well my friend and thanks for all the help. I'll update shortly...
  13. Thanks chris1111. Unfortunately I am back to no acceleration with that DSDT
  14. Yes that slowed down all those symptoms but now acceleration seems to be a little sluggish. When I hit launchpad it takes about 5 seconds to pop up 5 more to go back to finder. I removed the DSDT and acceleration is worse for some reason.
  15. Not sure how to edit that. Is there a program I can use?
  16. The computer does EVERYTHING super fast now. Example when an icon bounces in the dock it bounces super fast. Videos play in super high speed. I think I had this one time and it was my DSDT.
  17. Thank you very much chris1111!!!!! Video acceleration is now working!!!!!!! BUT everything is super accelerated now (spinning wheels, youtube video, bouncing icons, etc.). Any ideas?????
  18. I just installed a fresh copy of 10.13.6 on my Dell 780 with an AMD Sapphire 5450. Graphics acceleration is not working. I did copy my old required S/L/E files: AMDRadeonX3000.kext AMDRadeonX3000GLDriver.bundle IOAccelerator2D.plugin IOAcceleratorFamily2.kext I used KextWizard to install in my S/L/E on my new install and rebuilt permissions and cache. I also used the supplied DSDT and config.plist in the install guide (Step 4) since I have a Core2Quad and 5450. Not sure if my Core2Quad is different or if that may be the problem. Here are my S/L/E files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mhg23h6oevg7xqo/S%3AL%3AE.zip?dl=0 Here are my My IOreg (RunMe) Files. Am I missing something? Send me Macs-iMac.at.net.zip MY SPECS: Dell Optiplex 780 Mini Tower Q9400 CPU Sapphire 5450 1GB
  19. bocajoe

    Optiplex 990 Mojave-compatible ?

    Nice. I have a 790 with a i7-2600 with Mojave, it's a nice machine.