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    I use Sierra 10.12.2 on a GigaByte Z170MX Gaming 5, too. I had some sort of drops, too, but it got better last time. Unfortunately I don't know what I have changed ... Still VLANs are not working on my MB. I see packets coming in, but no packets being sent out (Sniffer on port mirror on switch doesn't see any packet with vlan tags). All others are working fine: bridge mode (for parallels), performance, stability. Many thanks Mieze!
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    My I350 is running fine with the AppleIGB driver installed in the CLOVER/kext. Mac can do Vlans, both network ports are running fine. But it seems, promiscous mode is not possible. Wireshark doesn't see any packets other than broadcasts. Parallels is not receiving any packets (although switch has the Parallels MAC addresses forwarded all to the Mac switch port). I tried to set <key>i350</key> <dict> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.insanelymac.driver.AppleIGB</string> <key>IOClass</key> <string>AppleIGB</string> <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x15218086 0x15228086 0x15238086 0x15248086 0x15468086</string> <key>IOProviderClass</key> <string>IOPCIDevice</string> <key>NETIF_F_TSO</key> <false/> <key>NETIF_F_LRO</key> <false/> <key>IFF_PROMISC</key> <true/> </dict> but IFF_PROMISC is just a bitmask in the code. I also searched the source code for any hint enabling promisc mode permanently. No chance. No ethernet frames with any other destination MAC than one of my local ones can be seen on doing capturing on my i350 ports. is promiscous mode broken in AppleIGB? Any hints welcome where to have a look into. /meier