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  1. Anyone? You please help? Cheers AP
  2. Is Nvidia GTX 650 TI working OOB with 10.8.2?

    It does work but not HDMI. Cheers AP
  3. Here it is - both shown attached.Cheers & thanks AP IoReg.zip
  4. G'day I am hopeless at programming, Ive already tried following how to edit to make DSDT aml from mountain lion page.. its a fail for me.. Can anyone help me to make one? I have Gigabyte GTX650OC with 2gb video card which I would like to have HDMI & audio out of it. Gigabyte Z77-D3H logicboard Thank you, I appreciate if you're able to help. Cheers AP
  5. Radeon HD 6770 FULL QE/CI ML/Mavericks/Yosemite/ElCapitan/Sierra

    G'day, Have you checked the HDMI port and does it work? Cheers AP
  6. G'day guys, Hope you can direct me to right direction - I am after a new nVidia card with HDMI and audio so i can connect to the TV as I want to use my hackintosh to play movies on main TV (as like HTPC setup) So.... is there a card that will be easy to setup including DSDT - I'm very poor in editing DSDT as I am not a programmer, even tried following it... Cheers AP
  7. G'day, Ive made several hackintosh in the past but since our little one has came along and taken up my time, now I want to build latest hackintosh with i7 CPU. Im trying to decide which board to use - Asus P8H61-M-LE/USB3 or Gigabyte B75M-D3V Gigabyte B75M-D3H I'm lending towards B75M-D3H due number of memory slots & SATA3, expendable PCIE slots etc. I have selected my budget for CPU (i7 3770) & Memory 16gb 1600 240gb SSD... but juggling which board to get.. I would like to have almost working hackintosh to accept firewire PCI card, SATA PCI-E and have PCI-E Video card with HDMI. Which one would you go for? Thanks guys Cheers AP
  8. Attansic L2 Driver

    It works on P5GC-MX/1333 with 10.6.4 Cheers AP
  9. I'm using Atkos 5i OSX.5.5 with ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 Logic Board with GMA950 video, no video card installed. 4 gb RAM. See the picture above, It only happens with "heavy" applications like, imovie, iphoto, Microsoft word, Excel & Photoshop.. Its getting annoying, it only leaves 3 marks and will disappear when there is no "load". How can i fix that? If there is more questions that needs to be answered I'm happy to answer. Thanks AP Oh never happened in OSX.4.11 Cheers AP
  10. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Can I install this after updating to 10.5.6 before reboot, because if i reboot into 10.5.6 I do not have any usb at all. Or is there another way? Cheers AP
  11. An logic board or computer would be a good start to help! Cheers AP
  12. iATKOS 10.5.5 (Safe to update?)

    I have same problem here.. havent researched yet.. Cheers AP
  13. iATKOS 10.5.5 (Safe to update?)

    Yeh.. its ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 - I'll try again later. Cheers APhttp://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act=Post&CODE=02&f=125&t=140322&qpid=1007616#
  14. iATKOS 10.5.5 (Safe to update?)

    I've tried already but havent had time to figure out why... I did update to 10.5.6 and it works but I lost all of my USB devices - all doesnt work. Anyone know how to fix this? Cheers AP
  15. I wouldnt worry abt it as long you have legal software on your hand, you can do whatever you do with it. Cheers AP