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  1. Is the VGA adapter that came with UX31a working for people? I tried with a couple of different projectors but it was not able to detect the second display Tried with an external monitor, when I connect the cable it goes from "Cable not connected" to "No Signal"
  2. Thanks! That worked. Now I can use the USB dongle that came with the UX31A
  3. Is the USB ethernet dongle that came with the UX31A working for anyone? Do I need to do something to make it work? I don't see it under devices in the Network preferences.
  4. I just tried to connect a logitech USB mouse and got KP. Then clover couldn't boot the system with the mouse attached (kept rebooting in a loop without even getting to single user prompt). By disconnecting the mouse, I could boot again. Booted to single user and connected the mouse (didn't get KP)...then typed exit to get to the login screen....but no keyboard/trackpad/mouse worked. Any idea why I can't use an external USB mouse?
  5. This would be the DSDT and SSDT attached to nhart12's original post of this thread. Right? Actually pippo's attached folder has two files that I don't: DataHubDxe-64.efi and PartitionDxe-64.efi. Should I add those? And your instructions seem to suggest setting smbios as MacBookPro9,2 but nhart12's original post seems to say that 8,1 is the best choice for UX31A. So which one is right? Thanks!
  6. Ok. So I got Clover to work from HDD! Finally Thanks for the help. So now I have some questions: 1. How get my previous DSDT (from Chameleon) into Clover? (Currently I am using your entire EFI folder that you attached to the previous post)? 2. Why do I see three options when I boot: "Boot UEFI from" "Boot OS X from VolumeName" "Boot UEFI from VolumeName" (It seems only the middle one is relevant)? 3. How do I get rid of the boot delay (30 seconds, I think)? 4. Sometimes it keeps booting over and over in a loop and then after 2-3 tries finally manages to boot. Have you experienced this? 5. Where is getting the kernel flags from? I had -s set (under chameleon) and it seems to be using that. I don't think you had -s set for your Clover boot. So I am wondering how and why it's getting the previous flags? Thanks!
  7. Just updated my DSDT/SSDT to the latest ones posted by nhart12. Now Software Update is telling me that there is an available update for "Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.1" ...I am guessing I shouldn't apply that? Or am I wrong?
  8. Ah sorry. I see the confusion. NO...I have not successfully done ANYTHING with clover. I am booting from Chameleon USB stick. I haven't managed to install Clover to USB and get it to boot the HDD (And the latest Clover installer dmg won't install to anything except to HDD...and I couldn't find any instructions for manual install to USB). Thanks! I think this will be useful but later. Right now I first need to get the system to boot via Clover on the USB...but don't know how to proceed since the installer won't install to USB
  9. Thanks. Some clarification questions: I already have one. sudo gpt -r show disk0 does show the right info at index 1. Which "EFI stuff"? And copy from where? Which USB? Where exactly is the clover documentation? Thanks so much!
  10. It seems a bunch of folks have managed to get UEFI boot working with Clover. I have UX31A and can't get Clover to work. (GUID partition...only OS X on the drive..no other OS). Can someone share some tips or steps to get it to boot UEFI via Clover? I would love to get rid of the USB stick I have to carry to boot this thing.
  11. The App store doesn't work. I get "unknown error" Are others having the same issue? If not, what did you do to fix it? It seems to be related to en0 needing to be set properly (to ethernet) but UX31A does not have ethernet!
  12. Does USB 3.0 work on UX31A? My USB ports show up as 2.0 in the system profile.
  13. cyf: I am in the same situation as you. GPT formatted SSD and can't get Clover to work. It does recognize the HDD by using HFS+ but can't go beyond that. So I have to boot using Chameleon USB stick (pain). If you (or anyone) manages to get UEFI booting to work using Clover, let me know!
  14. So I am not able to use the App store. I get "An unknown error has occurred." Apparently this has something to do with en0 being set correctly to ethernet. But Asus UX31A doesn't have built-in ethernet! I tried to delete /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist ...that didn't work. Tried to copy the one from my real MBA....that didn't work. Any ideas for what to try next? I can't run any updates (It was working before though...so I have no idea what caused it to break.)
  15. Tried it again. Now I have the same files as the ones attached to the OP and it seems to be working. But how do I know if HDMI works? (I don't have anything with HDMI to connect to). I don't see HDMI in the sound properties...only internal speakers.