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    Cant use FCP HDV anywhere else

    thanks for the reply: did some more searching and ive come across this post: http://discussions.apple.com/thread....sageID=7626026 so that looks like a dead end cept a few things are suppose to work but they all cost either $99 or $999 avid HD is also suppose to work but i ahve no way of testing that either.
  2. Ok so at work, they have the campus videographer with some other media specialists. The main videographer uses Final cut pro studio with just recently a 2x quad core system. My job is for another department creating promotional videos but Im using a PC with CS3 suite. All the HD .mov clips and interviews the campus videographer gives me that he has filmed and recorded utlizing FCP does not work with Adobe Premier Pro CS3, Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 or Final Cut Express 4.0 . The only way we can view it is through VLC. Even Quicktime Pro (windows and mac edition) will play them with sound only. Ideas?
  3. Atown

    Compiz, anyone done it?

    im not going for pretty, im going for extra workspace and productivity
  4. Atown

    whats your favorite anime/manga

    dude i loved yugioh but then i got lost and confused on what the heck was happening. Gundam Wing Outlaw Star One Piece
  5. Atown

    Compiz, anyone done it?

    who said it was {censored}? not good enough and {censored} are too seperate issues.
  6. Atown

    Compiz, anyone done it?

    even though linux and unix both outdate mac, they have DSL under 50mb for an entire O/S, works on virtually any system and non-computer hardware (ps3, ps2, xbox, xbox360, watches), write guides for everything they do and show others how to do it, X system is the best - dont start on gnome/kde xubuntu did it right with x system, linux doesnt do fast user switching they use multiple workspaces they utlized before xp and use teh fancy cube cuz its seksi like that, ubuntu specific - has add/remove program so i dont have to do asinine google searches for software, etc i think they do pretty good. and if mac was so great compared to linux, then why dont have the coding projects ever work besides making a dinky little widgets (i love my Chuck Norris widget btw) and hours of work just to get a dual monitor setup working. yet this really isnt the place for this branched topic, so yeah
  7. Atown

    Compiz, anyone done it?

    its not good enough in my book yes is can happen. is it eventually? who knows. will it always only work for x11 apps, if it works, then at first yes. but overall who knows. honestly im very suprised at the lack of creativity and invention for mac which is known for creativity.... honestly i'm just checking the limitations and not limiting my self by whats "impossible" because 10 years ago a terrabyte was prolly unimaginable and thought to be useless. edit: i dont mean to be insulting in any way, i guess i just bought a mac with a preconceived notion that it was more creative than windows (which at this point it is) but i guess not linux ya know?
  8. Atown

    Compiz, anyone done it?

    *watches following clip* *does same on laptop at school* no actually aqua isnt enough..... and actually IT CAN in theory work http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=4760
  9. Atown

    Compiz, anyone done it?

    and there are no other windows managers availible for os x? and if all this is true, then i spent $600 on an over rated os is kinda what ur telling me.... and if you say its more stable, as of right now ive crashed my mac mini more times in 2 weeks than my pc in the last year since i built it.... now is there a way to create a new window manager for tiger/leopard utilizing x11 or xorg? and/or is there a project i cant find with google due to people trying to install awn on linux so they have an OS X like bar?
  10. Atown

    Compiz, anyone done it?

    i found this post which made me curious http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread....highlight=tiger
  11. google turned up nothing. but i know it can work in theory since it works on freeBSD. edit: whooops wanted this for tiger, but i guess leapard counts too. but if someone could move it that would be welcomed
  12. i just tried guild wars. and using the wine scale - its a silver. it loads up. no fonts, barely playable if u can stand the terrain and ur character looking messed up
  13. Atown

    Macmini ram?

    sweet, i just saved $30 on my car insurance! err ram >.>
  14. if and when the opengl situation is resolved in darwine, then darwine would be much superior due to the fact its FREE. even with educational price, i just dont have the cash to spend on extra software
  15. Atown

    Darwine 0.9.43

    Yeah, i'm not very good at all the compiling/coding etc, but i can Google .and yeah there is alot of frustration that goes with it. I've yet to find people who get it to work with X11 though. im still new to Mac's but i would love to work and contribute what i can to this project. i'm installing the x.org stuff so we'll see what i can accomplish. edit: ok so i downloaded xcode and half a dozen other things but im soooo confused on how i build/compile the wine package binary. help?