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  1. Monitors not recognized on second graphics card

    Okay. So I believe I have somewhat solved this problem. It seems that your smbios.plist must be set to Mac Pro in order to receive support for two video cards. At least this holds true in Chameleon. With clover, I am not sure. I set my smbios.plist to Mac Pro 3,1 and now can utilize both cards and all ports, and it consistently holds graphics config to one card. Only downside I have now is that because I use Mac Pro 3,1 my ivy bridge processor doesn't have any sort of speedstepping going on. Unless someone else knows of a way to speedstep my processor with this smbios. Hopefully this will at least shed some light on the problem for someone else.
  2. Monitors not recognized on second graphics card

    Hello. I am having a very similar issue. I am running a 3770k on a MSI z77 Mpower board, with 2 GTX 660 TI SLI cards (bridge installed). I have Chameleon Enoch, and Yosemite 10.10. I am able to boot and get speedstep, everything works great, however OS X only can send signal to one video card at a time. I see both listed in System Profiler, however after booting, only one will be available. The real kicker, however is that I never know which card will be initialized at boot, so I cannot even use the system, not knowing which card to connect my monitors too as it always changes! I am running this setup DSDT free with a patched bios (as it should be compatible), but I have tried running a DSDT and injecting both cards using rampagedev's guide. Still no luck. Anyone have any insight? If I could even make it so that the system boots to one card consistently I would be able to use the machine, however I can't even do that as it has a mind of it's own as to which card it will boot to. I appreciate any help anyone can give.
  3. Well.. My installation went fine, I followed every step of this guide (set my disk to primary / active).. But my problem in the middle of loading osx86, my machine reboots. I can get it to boot up, fly through all the verbose messages, but at the very end, my system restarts.. Hardware issue? I am running a P4 3.0 Ghz HyperThread Cpu with a D875PBZ intel mainboard, and a Winfast Graphics Card... I am running a single IDE 40 gb drive, split into to partitions (1 for XP, 1 for X) xp works fine.. Could it be the winfast? I have tried installing with and without the various patches for SSE3, 10.4.5 update/10.4.6 update. Is there a patch I'm missing? Anyone have any suggestions, I've searched my ass off, to no avail... Thanks in advance, Ryan