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  1. Hi all people, i've some spare drives from old PCs that i would like to use in my hackintosh (GA-Z77-DS3H with 10.8.2). all my sata ports are now used and so i would like to buy a pci or pci-express card for adding more disks. i don't need raid capability but i would like something that wouldn't give me many problems. some suggestions? thanks, Bilbo
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    [Compatibilità] Asus P8P67

    Salve gente! Vorrei upgradare il mio pc ed avendo trovato una mobo asus P8P67 ad un buon prezzo vorrei sapere se qualcuno di voi l'ha gia testata con lion ed ha riscontrato particolari problemi con l'installazione o l'utilizzo. Grazie a tutti!
  3. it seems they found traces of installation from dvd i hope so....i've built my new hackintosh i7-based a week ago...
  4. http://consomac.fr/news-1163-lion-vendu-en...en-dvd-maj.html
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    4 or 8GB

    thanks beto!
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    4 or 8GB

    i'm using an asus maximus transformed in rampage with osx 10.5.5 now it's working perfectly with 2gb RAM and i would like to add some memory; the mobo specifications say that it can support 8GB of ram ddr2. some of you know if osx is able to utilize 8GB or it's better if i add 2 more GB to reach 4GB? thanks, bilbo