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    Time Machine saved my ass!

    So SOMETHING happened where my remaining 72 gbs of hard drive space were eaten up in about an hour. I put in the Leopard install disk, erased my hard drive, connected my Time Machine backup drive and selected "restore from backup". I was back up and running in about an hour or so. Gotta love Time Machine. And yeah I know this could have been done with SuperDuper (which I own), but this invloved way less steps and could have been done by a sixth grader. I might add that lots of suggestions were given on how to find what ate up my space, but these all required me to download an app, but I could not run these apps no matter where I downloaded them to and ran them from.....it's a mystery.
  2. vassillios

    Finder Hacked!

    Amazing stuff!!!
  3. vassillios

    What features SHOULD have made it to Leopard?

    Ok...so the folder views has been fixed in Leopard..swwweeeeeet!
  4. vassillios

    What features SHOULD have made it to Leopard?

    Nope. If i make the column the default for the Documents folder, the Downloads folder will still open in List if that is what was originally set. Or at least it does for me. I have to set each folder individually to default to column (if that is what I want). Thanks but I don't we should have to need to install a plugin. Resizing windows should be way easier than making sure you can get to that ONE corner, resize, move around, resize again. What a pain in the ass! For a "User Friendly" operating system, this is about as ass backwards as one can get."Use as defaults" i believe only works for the folder you set it in. It did in Tiger and I haven't noticed any change in Leopard.
  5. I was just thinking about what would have made Leopard a MAJOR deal (for me), this is some of what I came up with: 1) Built in version management (option to turn off or on). This way you will see one file, click on the version number and a drop down list will show you all available versions and you won't have to constantly rename the file to keep from overwriting it. 2) Built in apple remote programming for 3rd party apps 3) Ability to resize windows from all corners/edges 4) Ability to enable folder view option changes globally 5) More robust energy saving options like abilty to automatically turn off bluetooth when switching to battery 6) Ability to join more than one network (preferably, if possible, 2 wireless). For instance, I have a linksys wireless router which will not allow me to send my iTunes music to my speakers that are connected to my Airport express. It will play for about 20 mins but then drops. Why can't I connect to both seperately instead of putting the AE on the Linksys network and connecting only to the linksys? perhaps some of these will find their way into Lynx (or whatever the hell it's going to be called).
  6. vassillios

    Does anybody else think Leopard is buggy?

    I have encountered problems unmounting volumes. I select "eject" and nothing happens (sonetimes). No error messages saying "in use".....just nothing.
  7. vassillios

    10.5.1 - FEATURES / FIXES

    "apply current settings as default to all folders" under Finder view options. It sux that I have to specify a particular view option as the default, individually, for every single folder.
  8. vassillios

    Applications known NOT to work

    onyx no worky
  9. vassillios

    Can anyone confirm if 9a581 is the Retail Disc?

    it has been stated by many sources to be the GM build.
  10. vassillios

    Will you use 2D or 3D dock on bottom?

    The thing about using 2D on the bottom is that those who have problems with the shadows in the 3D dock won't have to worry about them now. I kinda like the look of the 2D dock. Oh yeah, if you enter those commands to 2D, how do you get 3D back if you end up preferring it over the 2D? thanks
  11. Will you use 2D or 3D dock on bottom?
  12. Looking at my account on the apple site...status says "Prepared for shipment"hell yeah!!!!!! Just to clarify...the only way i can see this is using the link from my email. using the account link from apple DOES NOT WORK!!!!! being updated?!!?
  13. vassillios

    a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    agreed 100% Customizing the UI just increases the possibility of f'ing up the OS
  14. vassillios

    Is there a secret GUI in Leopard?

    Because iPhoto is part of the iLife suite as is iTunes. I think we MAY see the scroll bars replaced in all of Leopard, but I wouldn't bet any money on it.