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  1. How to boot my Hackintosh as a PC

    Good suggestion, I'll look into upgrading to Lion.
  2. How to boot my Hackintosh as a PC

    Thanks Styrian, I will give that a try. I'm away from home for a couple of days but look forward to checking it out. I think you're correct about dropping in another HDD just for pc use. I have a couple of unoccupied drive slots and they are so inexpensive now. It was not so many years ago that I was working for a small visual effects company here in Vancouver. I remember when the boss called us together and announced with glee that he'd added more storage and we now had almost a full terabyte of disc space! Wow! I think there are cell phones now that have that! Thanks again for helping out us newbies. That is what builds communities like this. Cheers
  3. How to boot my Hackintosh as a PC

    thanks Styrian for good plan. I see you're a major post here and I appreciate the expert help. For the short term, though, i'd just like to boot it in XP which is installed on it --mainly so a geeky pal can check out some specs on it. Tryna figure out what's with the BIOS as it crashes badly on certain applications, esp. Adobe CS5 (mac vers.) Later will put in a dedicated hdd. When the builder sold the unit to me he told me the key combo at startup to prompt it to start in XP instead of Mac OS, but I ( duh) forgot it. Any ideas?
  4. Lo you all.. I'm a newbie to this site but could really use some help. My specs are below. I've been using this Hackint0sh for about 5 years (I did not build it) and it has been pretty much faultless; runs like a Mac (I've been running Macs since Mac Plus days, whew). Anyway, this has been fine and I've never needed to startup as a PC until now. However, I may need to run some PC type applications-- but have forgotten how to start this up as a PC. Anyone have an idea how to do that? I don't know how to code or use command-line. Leopard 10.5.8 Gigabyte EP45-UD3R intel P45 express chipset NVIDIA graphics card i.d. 0x0641 Antec enclosure Darwin x86 bootv5.0.132 Chameleon V1.0.12 VesaV.3 Any help appreciated.