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  1. Wow, you're a beast, only 4 minutes to answer me! Thank you so much, will try now! EDIT: It works like a charm, thank you @RehabMan!
  2. PR files attached. Forgot to mention that I needed to install OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi in Drivers64UEFI to boot properly in High Sierra, also I'm using MacBookPro11,2 due to it's been working correctly since Mavericks (iMessage and FaceTime). Thanks again! debug_32488.zip
  3. I'm not able to change any SATA settings in my BIOS, just the Boot Options and a few Intel options like USB 3.0. Installed MacOS in UEFI without Secure Boot as you described in your guide.
  4. @RehabMan - UPDATE: Today I've seen that you've updated your 'hotpatch guide', unfortunately, it seems that your new config or SSDT is not working properly since I'm unable to boot to Mojave. Here's what I did: cd ~/Projects/envy.git git pull ./download.sh ./install_downloads.sh make make install_j (since my laptop is HP Envy J) cp config_envyj.plist /Volumes/EFI/EFI/Clover/config.plist Everything worked correctly in my EFI partition, my SSDT was replaced by the new one besides of the config. Added my SMBIOS and restarted my computer. Now I'm stuck at the boot, when it gets to HoRNDIS (probe: probe: this composite device is not for us) it freezes (pic attached) and then it shows a prohibited symbol. Tried to update Clover but still not booting, I'm using Clover_v2.4k_r4699. Thank you!
  5. Yes I know, Your patch guide worked correctly when I only had the mSATA SSD EFI partition created, but then I realized that my mSATA didn't have capability to boot clover, so I went trough creating another EFI partition in my HD (installing clover and copying the kexts). But having two EFI partitions is causing troubleshooting with your scripts. There's still a mSATA EFI partition created not working along with the other HD EFI partition that works, when I run your script nothing changes at the mSATA EFI partition but my HD EFI partition content is deleted.
  6. Okay, thanks for clearing things up. Just updated my HP Envy files with the ones you provided in your GitHub beta branch. Everything seems to be working correctly in Mojave. One more thing; is there any way to remove my EFI mSata SSD partition where OS is installed? Didn't get to boot properly due some issues, I'm booting OS from my HDD Clover instead. I'm asking you this cause your automatic terminal patches deleted the content of my HDD EFI partition, so I had to do the upgrade manually copying every kext. Thanks again!
  7. Hey @RehabMan, Just updated to Mojave with a few issues and checked your github beta branch. Your config.plist changed in so many ways, just realized that you added: -igfxnohdmi flag. Does that means the hdmi is no longer supported? Does your new config.plist fixes Safari freeze? I need to fix it asap. Thank you!
  8. Hey, Today my iPhone stopped working with my USB ports, it says 'unpowered usb device' (but mouse, webcam and other things are still working). What should I do to repair this? Thank you so much!
  9. Hey, There's any kext/dsdt patch to enable Realtek CardReader? I tried by extracting vendorID & deviceID from Windows but without any success. It's VoodooSDHC working with any config? I'm getting tired exporting media files on Windows... Thank you
  10. Hey guys, any chance to enable NVIDIA GT750M card instead of Intel HD4600? Thanks
  11. RehabMan I'm going to reinstall OS X Yosemite from 0. I'll save my serial, mlb, etc to do a clean installation with your guide. I'll tell you, I hope it works. Thank you very much
  12. Ok, it worked, but now i'm seeing this.
  13. Removed & Reinstalled Clover_v2.3k_r3202 but the same problem...
  14. No, I'm running it from my installed partition. That's because I typed sudo -s. So I tried it again from the beginning, but again the same error.
  15. Nope, I did it. I started your guide from the bottom (except the install).
  16. Ok, I'm doing your guide but I've got a problem. I can't extract my DSDT with Terminal.
  17. The ACPI patched is almost the same of the one's provided on this topic (config.plist too) because hardware it's like 99% the same on my Envy, so everything worked ok (Audio, WiFi, Ethernet..). What do you mean and what's the solution of my old Clover? So how I could fix my graphics? It'll be nice if you teach me how to do it cause I'm really amateur and I don't know exactly how to do your guide (there's a lot of patches in your github). Thank you
  18. Here it is. Thank you ioreg&config.zip
  19. RehabMan, yesterday when I installed the FakePCIID kexts on S/L/E and I modified the config.plist, graphics were working correctly but today I started OS X and only detects 4MB of VRAM, what's the problem?
  20. Thank you so much RehabMan!! Really appreciate your work!
  21. Hi, I just upgraded to 10.10.4 and everything's working correctly except the graphics. As I told you, I've installed Yosemite (10.10) with the provided kext (IntelHD4600Inject.kext) and everything was working except little bugs like the Apple distorted logo at boot, the Preview app (that always was freezing and I had to force out) and the webcam (takes photos but there's a black display on the app). Now with this update (10.10.4) I've got this problems and another one with the iTunes upgrade, Beats 1 freezes and the system stops working. My question is, there's any fix to patch the Intel HD4600 by DSDT? I think that all this problems are related to the graphics. Thank you so much!
  22. Hi, yesterday I upgraded my HP Envy 15-j101ss with Yosemite 10.10.2 to 10.10.3 and everything was working correctly after the update except a mistake with the new Photos app. I wasn't able to import the iPhoto gallery because the app said that I needed to repair the disk permissions and I did it with Disk Utility. But after this i'm stuck on the apple logo so I can't boot. I boot in verbose mode and everytime i see: 'Incorrect number of thread records'. I tried to repair it with fsck but there's always a loop and the system can't repair it, Also I tried it with Disk Utility in Time Machine but the fix isn't possible and I thought there were back-ups to restore it, but there aren't so it's like a joke... Moreover I have a Windows partition with MacDrive but this software can't repair it too. I don't know what can I do, maybe there's any chance to repair the OS X because in this partition I have many important files such as music projects...
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    Bootcamp on hackintosh

    Yes I know it, but the Apple Bootcamp is about 883MB in that page, and the one of this topic is 3.32MB
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    Bootcamp on hackintosh

    1. DMIEDITWINGUI 2. BootCamp5.1.5640 3. SMBIOS_viewer from Slice
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    Bootcamp on hackintosh

    Reupload the files please!