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  1. Enable TRIM on non-Apple SSD

    Used method 2. Works perfectly on my MacMini mid 2011. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi, i added a Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD to my Mac Mini mid 2011 and Windows 8.1 Pro. Got it working with the original patchedcode.bin and the following steps: Process I used: 1. Checked the registry that HKLM/System/Current Control Set/Services/storahci -> Start = 0 HKLM/System/Current Control Set/Services/iaStorV -> Start = 0 Also in both keys /StartOverride -> 0 = 0 3. Reboot into the OS X setup disk, open the Terminal utility 4. unmount all volumes on my SSD "diskutil umount /dev/disk0" 5. Backed up old MBR "dd if=/dev/disk0 of=backup.bin bs=512 count=1" 5. Overwrite the MBR with "dd if=patchedcode.bin of=/dev/disk0 bs=440 count=1" Also i did not have to install any SATA drivers. Just wanted to share this because the first post mentioned that it would not work with the aluminium minis. EDIT: Using the Intel RST driver nearly doubled the IOPS. EDIT: Sleep doesn't work, second drive (HDD for me) works.