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  1. HP Compaq NW8440

    Bump. Sorry but could someone help me out...i've searched this forum...
  2. HP Compaq NW8440

    I have the thing completely installed. I can log in and boot up. Here is what I did and the problems I am experiencing. 1. Make sure to turn off in your bios Virtualization and Intel Sata 2. Use the boot options cpus=1 3. Install to whatever harddrive you want to. 4. For custom options do not choose anything. If you choose the ATIInject you will need to use an external monitor. Sound: Fully works, including sound buttons and etc. USB: Fully Works. CD/DVD: Works but I haven't tested burning Graphics: Does not work, I've tried ATI Inject and it just crashes my computer. I am thinking of installing by hand instead of going the default custom options. Wireless/Lan: Untested. So the graphics card is the FireGL v5200. The funny thing is that it worked when I installed using the graphics driver from JaS 10.5.2 a while ago unfortunatly I cannot find the DVD for that. If anyone can help get the Graphics Card working that would greatly improve my OSX86 experience. Thanks a ton everyone. Peregrine
  3. installation on HP Compaq nw8440

    Yea I am just as far as you. I could get the LAN working on 10.4.8 but not 10.5.2. It works great except for the LAN, Audio(never worked hard to install stuff), and Wifi(always broken). So if someone could figure out why the LAN driver is broken in 10.5.2 that would be reeally nice .
  4. Basically my OSx vmare installation on a core 2 duo 3.4ghz with 2.5 gbs of ram ran okay but the mouse was just shiity. TERRIBLE. If anyone knows how to fix it shoot me a line. But one way I could make osx and the mouse somewhat useable was clrt+alt ing out of the vmware then hitting ctrl alt del then setting the affinity for the vmware-vmx.exe to 1 core. For some reason the mouse became usable(slightly) afterward. If anyone disagrees or has anything about this please add to it. peregine.