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  1. Sorry for the long wait I have been through stuff you would never believe. I'm just glad it's over. Where were we?? Will try to get Ethernet working and will respond in a few hours
  2. Yup, the 10.8.5 boots fine using the USB bootloader we created earlier. Alright, let me try to get it working
  3. Sorry about that.... insanelymac.com was offline for about 30 minutes, I don't know why. It was attaching the files then it gave me an error... then I found out that my post reached the site but the attachments didn't. I have attached the files now for sure. One more thing: comboupdate worked on the clone drive. Here is a pic: new darwin dump.zip new ioreg.zip
  4. Alright, will get on it right away. Sorry for the wait Will upload the darwindump and IOReg dump in a few minutes. EDIT1: Files uploaded now. Also the screen brightness thing works but grabbing the slider all the way down gives a black screen . Trying the comboupdate right away.
  5. Is this fine? Working stuff: USB Dvd tray Intel card Not Working: AMD ATI 7670M Intel Wireless (probably not gonna work soon) Still unchecked: Sound Ethernet I think I could take same time to study this stuff and try to do it
  6. Tried this one, didn't work either. Same error. Yeah u reminded me, I forgot to tell you this thing....I tried the new extra folder on the USB bootloader that we made earlier. It booted fine, but PEG0 wasn't gone. (This indicates that the ATi card isn't turned off, right?) EDIT1: Right now the USB installer is working with the old DSDT.aml. I got it fromthe "extra" folder of the OSx install itself.
  7. Followed all the steps and now I have the ultimate USB installer But when starting the install ("-f -v"), it gives me this: Tried "GraphicsEnabler=No". That only gave me separate lines instead of white lines. "-x" also fails. I remember having such errors before, but can't really recall how I resolved it. Maybe by removing other graphics Kexts.
  8. Exactly bro, I'm really glad that we agree on that I'm workin on it right now
  9. Instructions are a 100% clear It's just I am gonna be really busy today and tomorrow, so I am gonna do it first thing Wednesday morning
  10. Wonderful I have already partitioned them as you said. Cloning the current system partition to "Clone" partition. Side note: the partition on which I have osx now wasn't 270GB... it was ~50GB, while the rest of the 270GB were unallocated EDIT1: Downloaded the comboupdate and CCC.
  11. Ok, will follow all the steps . If all you need is an osx with usb enabled... I have vmware workstation on my desktop with osx on it. I can use it to create a vanilla installer if it is possible
  12. Green_orange

    VoodooPS2 too much logging

    I found this on Rehabman's github. see if it's useful:
  13. Yup, 270GB GUID. I can take away any amount of Gigs I want and make it another partition Just wanted to make it big so that it can fit all KEXTs and stuff... well.. maybe abit too big. Alright, let me look for that disabler.kext. The backlight think is not bad, lets leave it this way. I was really surprised it even worked What about USB now? USB flash drives aren't detected on OsX I have to place stuff on desktop then boot into linux, mount that partition, grab stuff from its users/desktop... then reboot back into OsX EDIT1: Cant find any KEXT called disabler.kext. I have the following KEXTs in /extra/extensions, could it be related to one of em? Ispcidrv.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext Patched_10.7_AppleRTC.kext I checked their info.plist files, but nothing there says "disabler" or "com.dong.Radeon.PCI"
  14. My bad, sorry.. attched now. Unfortunately can't The BIOS has very limited options. Yeah, I understood that bro The only reason I used myhack was cuz I tried to restore the original image to USB, but it wasn't bootable. Later on (after I got this system up and running), I found out that I had to install chameleon to make the USB installer bootable. Done, and textfile is attached. full acpi dump.zip kextstat.rtf
  15. Just a moment here, there is one last thing I forgot to tell you . I used to have a lot of trouble and wasnt able to boot to the desktop, but after tracking the error messages during boot, I found out that I had to remove those KEXTs: AppleUSBEHCI.kext (was inside S/L/E/IOUSBFAMILY.kext/contents/plugins) IO80211Family.kext IOBluetoothFamily.kext IOBluetoothHIDDriver.kext So right now the USB isn't working with OsX. Is this Ok? Should I upgrade anyways? I have all those KEXTs in my backup folder in linux Will track that down I think I saw some name like that. EDIT1: -Booted successfully to desktop after removing the "myhack.kext" in S/L/E. - Can't find that damn KEXT. found something called "ApplePlatformEnabler.kext" but it's not inside. Still searching for it around the whole partition.