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  1. Hi! I've trying to install sierra on my laptop (toshiba P755-S5390) and after booting bootloader and loading kext's (probably, i mean this wierd text floating down very fast XD) the white screen show up, loading wheel and cursor show up and after couple of seconds dark gray screen comes up. I remember that this screen shoud contain installing welcome screen, but its blank dark gray screen with cursor. I made usb stick via win32 Disk Imager What i can do to move to installation?
  2. Hello After more than year of using my Mavericks on my amd pc while booting-up hackintosh send me wierd error. I Attach photo of this. Hope this is able to easy fix.. Thanks in advance !
  3. Sinn

    [Help] Restarting

    I put kernel into System/Library/Kernels/Kernels/Kernel I downloaded from this site. Its Tora Chi Yo kernel.
  4. Hi! So i installed yosemite and after copying kernel to macintosh hd and restarting i can't boot it up coz it's restarting. I attach how it looks.. What im supposed to do ? Amd FX 8350 GTX 650ti Gigabyte mo
  5. Sinn

    Invalid Kernel Opcode (10.10)

    So.. I created usb installation drive again, pure Yosemite, i installed enoch and kernel from this site. Now everything is going to boot BUT it stuck on AppleUSB0HCI: :CheckSleepCapability - Controller will be unloaded across sleep. What i supposed to do ? All works!
  6. Sinn

    Invalid Kernel Opcode (10.10)

    Hi After months again i want to install 10.10. I don't have old pendrive so i need to create new one. After created usb installation stick,change kernel and change some files in Extra folder i started to boot it up. Im stucked on "invalid kernel opcode (64 bit): 44 0f b6 1f 4c 8d 7f 01 41 83" What i shoud to do ? AMD FX 8350 Gigabyte Motherboard 16 Gb of ram gtx 650ti Thanks in advance
  7. Sinn

    Booting 10.10

    Hi! I have installed 10.10 on my pc but i can't boot it up. When kernel is loading system have reset loop at: " Starting Darwin x86_64 Boot Args: kext-dev-mode=1 arch=x86_64 npci-0x3000 -v " What i can to do to boot it up ? Couple months ago i pass this problem but now i don't remember that. Thanks in advance
  8. Sinn

    Getting osx works

    Okay, so: Amd kernel + 10.9 retail + nullpower and something other (i don't remember now) After install i copied kernel to osx hdd. After this i install voodohda and ethernet and it works!
  9. Sinn

    How to install OS X on my Samsung RV510?

    He have black screen erlier than he can write flags. After appear "6" number.
  10. Sinn

    Getting osx works

    Thanks so much for help, with some kext my osx works perfectly !
  11. Sinn

    Getting osx works

    There is no kernel
  12. Sinn

    Getting osx works

    Dont work. Maybe lower osx?
  13. Sinn

    Getting osx works

    First kernel i have from this forum, second from here http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Patched_Kernels (first one) and on booth i have this same problem.
  14. Sinn

    Getting osx works

    Still nothing
  15. Sinn

    Getting osx works

    Still doesnt work, restart when system is loading drivers