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    Mavericks Issue

    My hackintosh was working fine and everything was perfect. I transferred my chameleon setup to the efi partition on my drive and it was working. When i did a verify and repair check on my hdd a few weeks later it found there was a problem with the efi partition so i repaired it. But this corrupted the partition or changed something and the computer wouldn't boot anymore or boot the chameleon it just gave a missing operating system error. I've reinstalled the chameleon setup up back into the efi partition and set it the way i had it and the computer is booting but it just flashes the apple logo and restarts continuously. I've tried all the bootflags and have checked my kexts. Everything looks fine. The only way i can boot is with chameleon usb. Could anyone shed any light on this as it just happened after i repaired the drive. Thanks in advance I don't really want to do a reinstall as i've just about got everything set after several attempts. I'm not a newbie but this is the first time it has happened and i can't find what it is
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    Clover Issues

    I've tried both of those
  3. LeonBfd

    Clover Issues

    I seem to be having a lot of problems with the installation of clover on my bios motherboard. I have formatted the efi partition as fat32 and installed to the esp and have tried the 2 different boot installation options. I have also installed rc scripts yet when i turn the computer on i just get a missiong operating system error. The kexts have been placed in the folder also. Any help would be appreciated. The motherboard i have does not support uefi.
  4. I have a hackintosh pc running mavericks and everything works fine. However, i have made a yosemite usb with a chameleon bootloader and i keep getting this error no matter what bootflags i try. I have tried making the usb a numerous of different ways but keep getting the same error. A picture has been attached. The processor is a intel quad core processor. i have tried -x -f kext-dev-mode=1 and others in different combinations and it still wont work.