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  1. Manually put monitor into standby?

    Uhg. Two things: (1) I'm not going to pay money for such a program. Either it's free or I don't bother. Triggering a monitor standby sounds like a simple function call to the power management subsystem, and I believe I made it clear that only morons would charge for such a task. (2) I asked for a way to make it go into standby mode MANUALLY. Why the hell was I given advice on adjusting the automatic standby timer? That's not what was asked. (3) This is a Windows subforum. I've tried Linux so many times and am tired of such a {censored} OS. If I wanted help for anything other than Windows - I would have posted elsewhere. Jesus, bunch of idiots here who don't bother to read a {censored} question properly. Forget it.
  2. Is there a program I can download (or a command built into Windows, Vista specifically) which will allow me to manually tell my monitor to go into standby, rather than having it wait the 5 or so minutes it does automatically? For example, I might be using my laptop and need to walk away from the computer for a short while but keep it running. To save power I could just close the lid, but a simple click on an icon would be more efficient. Not a critical request I suppose, particularly since the only searches I've found so far relate to software that some morons seem to insist on charging money for what should be a trivial action.
  3. Linux or Mac OS X ?

    One thing that really irritates me about repositories in something like Ubuntu, is that people say it keeps your software "up to date". BS! Ubuntu 7.10 has the latest version of LyX for example at 1.5.1, whereas the actual latest version is 1.5.3. Why don't they actually keep it up to date in the repos? Why don't people point this out more often instead of just saying repos keep software up to date? There's a reasons I use LyX in Windows. If a new version appears, I just download, double click the installer and we're done. With Linux, I'd have to either wait for a 3rd-party deb (which often doesn't appear) or build it myself. Waste of my time.
  4. Linux or Mac OS X ?

    But... I do perform actual work on my Windows system (Vista) and it works fine for the most part, no worse than the niggles I've had in Linux and OS X doesn't run what I require. I don't understand the idea that you can't use Windows for work. Heck, I don't even play games anymore and still prefer Vista than most other systems.
  5. NForce SATA Controller

    Ok, I've been following this to inject the drivers: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=67713 In the folder containing the extracted contents of Extensions.mkext, IOATAController.kext is nowhere to be seen. From what I read earlier what I think you may have meant was IOATAFamily.kext instead, in which case Extensions.mkext extracted has one, but it doesn't have a Plugins folder, just Contents and then MacOS plus a couple other files. I'm gonna delete the entire folder because nothing is making sense here. EDIT: Well that was a stupid idea, now virtually no extensions could load. No way to progress here, so I suppose I'm done.
  6. NForce SATA Controller

    Just to repeat my question in case it was missed: When repacking the Extensions for a new ISO, should I remove the entire IOATAController.kext folder or just the stuff in IOATAController.kext/Contents/Plugins? If no-one answers, I'll assume the latter.
  7. KDE 4.0 Released

    Thanks. I was hoping to not sound entirely flamey, which could have come off since I don't even use Linux anymore. I still have a soft spot for the OS, but my observations are merely as an end user. I feel it's necessary to be blunt about certain aspects of a GUI if people want to compete with something like OS X or even Windows. Helps in the long run instead of pussy-footing about. EDIT: I read elsewhere that the taskbar size is NOT adjustable, or maybe the guy just didn't find the right option. Can anyone confirm? EDIT: I also read that many features are not going to be ready until 4.1. Why would you release it now in a semi-broken state then?
  8. KDE 4.0 Released

    Hmm. Well, I haven't installed it but going on what I see with http://kde.org/announcements/4.0/screensho...ngs-kickoff.jpg : * What the hell is their obsession with ultra-large icons? The stuff in System Settings is OK, but Dolphin, the icons at the bottom of the K menu and so forth are a total waste of space. I hope they can be adjusted, but I'm a major fan of sensible defaults, and even if adjustable, these aren't sensible defaults and just require more tweaking. * Taskbar is still way too large. I guess that {censored} about having not locked down the appearance in the betas was rubbish. Probably adjustable, but one more thing to have to tweak by the end user. Sensible defaults please. * Taskbar clock looks ugly and out of proportion. * System Settings looks almost identical to OS X, IIRC. I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Definitely needs more polish for a .0 release, but hey, the technical improvements are certainly to be congratulated (less resources and such.) Still, having removed Linux on my system now due to the fact it's not sufficiently better than Windows or OS X for me, I'll probably miss the train.
  9. NForce SATA Controller

    Umm... {censored}, was I suppose to delete that one? How could I have known? So just to be sure, should I remove the entire IOATAController.kext folder when unpacking/repacking the Extensions or just the stuff in Contents/Plugins? Want to get this exactly right.
  10. NForce SATA Controller

    Thanks I guess, but no luck here. I've got an ASUS A8N-SLI with NForce 4 chipset, and I've correctly injected the SATA driver into my ISO (which like Maxdicapua is also the JaS 10.4.8 ISO). I know this because upon booting the DVD I notice the AppleNVIDIAnforce message which I'm sure means your driver and no-one elses, but there's no difference - the system will still either stuff up during the formatting of a partition for installation or will freeze at some point during installation, just like the original ISO did on my SATA drive. Either my mobo is not supported, I've stuffed up the injection of the driver somehow despite following instructions to the letter, or perhaps another Extension has taken control of my SATA that happens to be broken. Either way, this computer ain't running OS X anytime soon.
  11. Mixed feelings myself. I don't like the idea of drowning oneself in pirated software, particularly for pracitcal reasons - so many cracks/keygens/bypassers required for so much pirated software would increase one's changes of being infected by viruses/trojans/whatever. It's actually too much work to keep on top of all this {censored}, which is why I prefer truly free or better yet, OSS software in its place. There are times when I HAVE to use pirated software in critical situations; morals be damned. Yesterday I ran into a problem where my widescreen monitor suffered corruption of its EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) through the DVI connection - in short, you couldn't connect using the DVI connection as anything higher than about 640x480 would result in a "No Signal" message. I could connect with VGA fine since it used a different EDID, but the DVI was shot. Now, after quite a bit of investigating I found the correct EDID for my particular monitor, but the only way I could find to upload the corrected information was by using a Windows tool called "PowerStrip", and unfortunately, the "Upload EDID" function requires the registered version of the software. I didn't have much choice. There was no other way to upload the EDID myself, and the program was only about 1.5 MB. I was under so much stress from the situation that I thought, screw paying US$29.95 just for one measly little function I probably won't use again, so I did a search and found a version with a reg key. Got the full version running, uploaded the corrected EDID, and here I am posting this post due to my success. My choice to use a pirated program to save my hardware - I can justify in this case. I made sure to uninstall/delete PowerStrip immediately after though, to limit I suppose the moral impact of my pirating choice. I do not feel like a bad person, because like most things in life, piracy is not a black/white issue.
  12. The Big Three of Linux: Looking ahead to 2008

    Carefuly, you're painting us Ubuntu users with a wide brush again. This Linux box I'm using still has a ton of problems/lack of polish compared to Windows, and it sure as hell has a looooong way to be suitable for a full replacement to my Windows box. At least I can admit this with a smile on my face.
  13. I didn't write this, but I thought it was worth posting. It's an exceedingly tongue-in-cheek review of XP, from the POV of a user with Vista proceeding to "upgrade" to XP. He seems pretty pleased - virtually everything about this new OS is better than its predecessor. http://dotnet.org.za/codingsanity/archive/...windows-xp.aspx (FYI - I run Vista and am reasonably happy, but I can't say I disagree a whole lot).
  14. Cannot connect to WIndows shares via Samba from Ubuntu

    There's a chance your Ubuntu desktop is lacking the samba client. You obviously have the samba server running properly, but from what I understand the ability to read windows shares requires a samba client, separate from the samba server, so they're not necessarily one and the same (I think). You could try opening synaptic and do a search for samba stuff, see what's available, install what looks useful for supporting the protocol, restart the machine if necessary. Failing that, consider learning how to use smbmount command. Use it to connect directly to a share if required, which will at least show you what you're missing hopefully. This is all a bit of guessing though, since windows shares generally work for me but I've had troubles in the past; it's not entirely reliable.