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  1. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    ok, great , thanks a lot
  2. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    only the cpu, i will change to a c2d e7600.
  3. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    now, i'm ready tu upgrade my computer. does this clover folder will run with a different cpu?
  4. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    i didn't seen imacpro 3,1 is lga775 based. i 'm back to 3,1 with succes, thanks a lot MR MaLd0n.
  5. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    I have change the smbios profil to imac 10.1 to have a closer config to my hardware config'. Now the keyboard won't run! Explain to me my misteak please, i want to understand hackintosh.
  6. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    Thanks a lot MaLd0n for your precious help ?. The internet connection run with a kext patched for mavericks. There's only my pci usb3 card Who don't run smooth, but i can search.
  7. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    I'm so sorry, i forget to say, i use à external audio dac. Don't worry about the internal audio chipset.
  8. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    I looked the clover folder,i just want to understand what the ahciinjector is used for? And why you set smbios profil as imacpro 3.1? And Should i search for tuning fakesmc to run without nullcpupowermanagement?
  9. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    waaww that run soo better, the osx default driver run now. (whithout nv_disable=1) and booting by the hdd efi. Thanks a lot MR MaLd0n. what did you change to the clover folder? my ioreg: (i hope as expected) the ioreg:
  10. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    here my hdd efi clover folder: CLOVER.zip
  11. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    i did not install nullcpupowermanagement. it is usually in s/l/e ? i installed your folders in the hdd efi ( on efi/clover, and efi/clover/acpi/origin) with no change. i think there's a lot of strange value. clover detect my computer as a laptop?
  12. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    here my config.plist: should i upload the dsdt or other folder? i have change my smbios to 10,1 with clover configurator. (http://osxarena.com/2016/10/nvidia-black-screen-fix/) with no success. config.plist.zip
  13. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    i have done a new fresh install for having a clean systeme. my files: i can't upload the dsdt and config.plist, i'm not permitted to upload this kind of file. Thanks a lot for your help. Send me iMac de benoit.zip
  14. gtx560ti aka fermi on old hardware

    My specs: motherboard: p5b-e plus (legacy bios) cpu: c2d e6600 --> e7600 4Gb ddr2 crucial ballistix gpu: msi gtx560ti 1024Mb twin frozr II 1 hdd (500gb) with running mavericks 1 hdd (500gb) for el capitan 1 ssd (128gb) for windows 10 systeme definition: imac 8.1 i will change the cpu, before that i want to do a "sample install" of el capitan to prepare that cpu change. After the cpu changement i will do the final install', and i want to do it easily. i can't boot with clover, and with nvidia web driver running on my gtx560ti. i have done an el capitan install with enoch, but chameleon wizard isn't el capitan compatible i think, i didn't found a recent version. i have done an el capitan install with clover (v4035), but i have some trouble with it. i have install the web driver, but i can't boot with it on clover ( on enoch it run). i can only boot with nv_disable=1 and on the usb install key. booting on the hdd, i have "..bluetooth controller transport.." message and wait infinitely i have try with clover configurator to boot with nvidia injection and without, to inject fakeid ( 0x10DE1200), with no success. i think it's probably the dsdt. i have try to extract dsdt with iasl but "illegal instruction: 4" error. with iasl51 i success to extract the dsdt, but when i try to apply a olarila patch with maciasl, it give errors ( both on acpi 5,1 or 4) when i done this on mavericks it run well without errors. there's dsdt file and some other (ssdt, xsdt....) on efi/clover/acpi/origin on the hdd, but nothing in the same folder on the usb install' key ! i have try to boot with the dsdt folder used by mavericks, but that change nothing. now i don't know what to do, could you help me please?
  15. est-ce que c'est possible que j'ai été bannis de l'app store, et qu'ils me reconnaissent avec mon adresse mac ou autre? quand j'ai fait l'installation j'avais choisi un autre profil smbios, et l'ai changé après avec chameleon wizard, ce peut-il qu'il reste des traces de l'ancien profil?