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  1. I am running ML 10.8.5 "successfully", except for no sleep, except for the monitor. I have to boot with PciRoot=4 everytime, I put it in the boot.plist and I get a KP at start up. App Store works fine, at least with updates. I am planning on using skype sometime soon, but I haven't been able to test, no camera yet. I am DSDT shy, tried altering my own DSDT and ended up reinstalling everything. Once you try using an altered dsdt file and it doesn't work, how do you boot and go back to the original?? I tried every boot flag I could think of and still couldn't boot. I have NullCPUPowerManagement.kext in the E/E folder and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext in the S/L/E folder, should I have both?? or just one in the S/L/E?? Dell OPtiplex 755 desktop 2.66ghz core2duo (E6750) Nvidia geforce 210 I'm kind of afraid to try any of the dsdt patches from the early postings, just because I don't know how to get back to normal
  2. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    SUCCESS I just need to find out how to lock in PciRoot=4 at boot, so I don't have to enter it everytime thank you everyone for your patience and help
  3. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    OK.... swapped out to another harddrive loaded myHack install of 10.6.3 installed 755 pack from Herve using myHack updated to 10.6.8 got audio working got Ethernet connected, but still internet connection eventhough everything said it was connected this is where it goes wrong... updated Chameleon to 2290, using Chameleon Wizard , I get to the OSXLatitude boot page then I get a black screen with blinking cursor. No combination of Pciroot=(1,2,3,4) work, I can't even boot into safe mode Try to run myHack 10.8 installer to upgrade and I get Apple page with forever spinning wheel No combinations of Pciroot=(1,2,3,4) work is it PCIRoot or PCIRootUID or Pciroot?? I've seen both mentioned in forums thanks
  4. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    so... now I think I either have a bad CMOS battery or my BIOS is outdated or both. One minute I can boot from USB, the next minute I can't. now I have to figure out how to load a new BIOS, I think I know how its just a matter of finding away to get the BIOS unpacked and on a USB. The battery I don't think is a big deal.
  5. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    I know this is probably a silly question, but... should I being doing the Mountain Lion as a fresh install?? I wasn't and I am wondering if that is why I crashed during install or... since my SL is running in 32-bit, when I start my install should I throw in the arch=x86_64 boot flag? thanks again to everyone who has been patient and big help in this project
  6. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    I thought I was having success with my OSX 10.8.3 install, using myHack3.1.2, until it crashed and gave me this report... Installer Log 23-Sep-2014.txt I was booting with PciRoot=4 GraphicsEnabler=Yes, because the first attempt I got the white page with grey apple and then my screen went to sleep/black
  7. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    Ok... So it all boils down to the brand of USB drive, Lexar-bad PNY-good
  8. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    could it be something as goofy as how I am formatting the USB? which I've been formatting GUID, what if I format MBR? It appears that now when I force-64 through Chameleon Wizard it freaks the computer out
  9. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    I feel like this computer just doesn't want to be a Mac
  10. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    Would anyone know why I can't boot from USB? Bios is set to boot from USB first USB is built using myHack and "successfully" Computer just keeps booting up to the hard drive
  11. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    So, if I were to go with the MyHack install and then use the pack you gave me as the extra folder, do you think that my Internet and audio would work right off the bat? Those were the issues I had with the MyHack install. Or better off, go to Mountain Lion and not have any issues
  12. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    So at this point I need to do a reinstall from disk, just so I can figure out what I'm going to do and get my Internet back. So I should just be able to load OS from my boot loader disk and instead I'd erasing the disk just install so I don't lose everything on my hd. Maybe I will look into ML,either by way of myhack or chris1111's method
  13. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    The 1st time I didn't add spaces in between each item 2nd time, lots of type scrolling and stalled... Also I noticed the boot screen has lion, is there coding for Lion OS? I'm also not able to boot at all, even in safe mode, hanging at grey apple spinning wheel
  14. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    I got hung up on the grey Apple screen, spinning wheel spun for a long time. Should I reboot with a different PCIRoot(1-3) and still with -f and -v?? Or will it just take a long time with those boot flags
  15. built in GPU on Optiplex 755

    Extra.zip hope this helps do you think I might have to physically remove the graphics card and reinstall