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  1. I have not tried 10.13 by myself but I remember 1 or 2 threads mentioned some ppl could not install 10.13 beta onto their z600/z620 a while back. Don't know if the situation has changed or not. I currently use a Nvidia 1050ti on my z600 (not z620) which is also running 10.12.6. I installed the last security update about 7-10 days ago and I remembered that the screen resolution became lower right after the update. But Nvidia driver manager asked to update the driver for 1050ti and it's working fine after the driver update. Hope you have found some solution with your situation.
  2. Hi, I do not have lsi controller in my system so I totally skipped that part of installation. GL~
  3. Hi Bilbo, Thanks for the great guide! I was able to successfully install 10.12.6 on my HP z620 after I tried to follow the guide to the details. Setup: Z620 Dual E5-2643v1 >>> single E5-2667v2 Clover_v2.4k_r4200 Clover configurator classic edition v4.51.1.0 Kext Wizard and/or KextBea..... Long story, first, I got the z620 with dual E5-2643v1 and decided to install 10.12.6 on it and I was able to make it mostly working by following your guide. Except only two out of the five USB2.0 were working after part VI of installation (fixing DSDT). After some attempts, I fixed this issue by installing RehabMan’s USBInjectAll kext (v2017-0724) into /library/extensions folder (5/5 USB2.0 working correctly). Also, I used VoodooHDA_v2.8.7 for the audio since the fix for 10.11 did not seem to work for 10.12.6. I believed I also got PM to work for E5-2643v1 using fakeSMC from multibea……. At the moment, I got an E5-2667v2 and decided to move onto this CPU. However, I could not boot into the 10.12.6 because I got kernel panics (should have 16 threads but only found 17 for die 0) every time and none of the boot flags helped in this situation. BIG THANKS to @hugodlc!! I was able to solve my problem after asked him and carefully read his replies to this thread. Since we are using the same CPU (his is dual E5-2667v2 z820 and mine is single E5-2667v2 z620), I carefully compared his DSDT and SSDT to mine and make modifications on mine. Eventually, I was able to boot into the system and re-install 10.12.6 last night. So far, system seems pretty stable and everything seems to work fine (except USB3.0). Thanks again to everyone who makes this possible! Best,