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    Yosemite Op Hp Envy T15 J051nr

    Is hier iemand die ervaring heeft met de install van Yosemite op een Hp Envy haswell laptop, het maken van eigen ssdt en sound en messenger, apple store, FaceTime, ect werkend heeft op deze laptop, installatie lukt perfect maar ik krijg niets werkend ondanks de vele uitleg op de Engelse forums. Ik heb Yosemite geïnstalleerd met de MacPwn distro intel haswell. Kan iemand mij verder helpen of doorverwijzen naar bruikbare info. Bedankt bij voorbaat.
  2. asked for help. I've been through this video, my own DSDT and SSDT made, according to above described other explanation I can not use because of difference in the laptop. Now if I have this in the clover / acpi / patched area with boat arg "-gux_defer_usb2 kext-dev-mode = 1" I get the following error "system uptime nanoseconds and numbers", can someone help me how this dissolution, or Video wrong description, I would like to get everything working in Yosemite, thanks for all his help and sorry for my bad english sorry forget the link http://youtu.be/wK8sHsQ-76Q
  3. Oi, thanks in advance for the work, I wanted to know whether files exist for Yosemite 10:10 GM, it's been a few days out and want to try to put it on my HP Envy T15. If so, someone can point me to the link, I do see the zip for Mavericks, but Yosemite not yet, or am I a little too quick with my question. Thanks in advance all off you.
  4. Hello, can anyone tell me what I need to do to get my sound working I currently use all of kext's and file's from gygabyte666, RehabMan, and everything works but my sound does not, also i like the known how I can run OS X update 10.9.2 to 10.9.4, can I do this in the normal way Apple udate? Thanks one advance.
  5. Ok I understand that, but it was the only way to get it on my hp envy on my ssd in the manner described here am I still unable, how often I read the explanation, I can on a installing external hd but not on an internal HD or SSD, once I'll find out, but in the meantime I have been helped a bit.
  6. Okay, here we go, I hope someone can help me. Just describe, I used clover as boot loader, the latest version, and also the last config.plist, I get this when I start to see all the HD's (partition), but I can not install Maverick at the apple logo the laptop reset back, if I update the last config.plist of gygabyte666 it will succeed, and I can just install maverick, but not a single partition or HD, because he does not see the HD or SSD intern, only extern. My details are: HP Envy 15t j051nr / men 12GB / 120GB SSD / HD 1TB divided into boot partition for Windows 8.1 pro, and second en 3 partition of 450gb, for the rest of the regular normal HP Notebook data. Now I'd like more information internally to get. Mavericks on my SSD Thanks in advance.
  7. Greywolfrio

    Multiboot windows 8.1/ Maverick

    Oke, hier gaan we, ik hoop dat iemand mij kan helpen. Even omschrijven, ik heb clover als bootlader gebruikt, de allerlaatste versie en ook de laatste config.plist, als ik deze opstart krijg ik alle hd's (partitie) te zien maar kan ik Maverick niet installeren, bij het apple logo reset de laptop terug, als ik de config.plist van gygabyte666 laatse update gebruik lukt het wel, en kan ik Maverick gewoon installeren, maar niet op een interne partitie of hd, omdat hij de hd of ssd niet ziet. Mijn gegevens zijn: HP Envy 15t j051nr/ 12GB men/SSD 120gb/ HD 1TB verdeeld in opstart partitie voor Windows 8.1 pro, en 2 partitie's van 450gb, voor de rest de gewone normale HP notebook gegevens. Nu had ik graag meer info om mavericks intern op mijn ssd te krijgen. Bedankt bij voorbaat.
  8. Hello, I'm already three weeks trying to OSX on my new bought HP Envy 15t j051nr, I have iATKOS M, ML3, and so forth already tried, always unsuccessfully, I know it's a difficult hack but am a bit thinking that it is impossible to get OSX on my laptop, I been looking at this part of the forum for solutions without success, the farthest I get is that the install wheel from apple install continues rotate, and perform no further installs. I can use all the advice and help, thanks in advance, and thumbs up for your work.