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  1. Hmm alright, kinda reluctant to since I already spent a while setting everything up but I'll do that when I next have time.
  2. Unsure what you meant by it not having structure but here you go: config.plist.zip
  3. Got it sorted; through trial and error I found that I needed to set ACPI -> SSDT -> DropOem to false instead of true. Now the About this Mac window does say HD Graphics 4600, but I still can't enable translucent menu bar. (Selected all options you mentioned in Hackintosh Vietnam as well as VoodooHDA.)
  4. Went through all that and now I can't boot - hangs waiting for the root device.
  5. I see: 8:00:29 am kernel: AICPUPMI: [ 32 33 ] 8:00:30 am kernel: AICPUPMI: [ 32 33 34 ] 8:00:43 am kernel: AICPUPMI: [ 8 32 33 34 ] 8:03:13 am kernel: AICPUPMI: [ 8 34 ] 8:03:13 am kernel: AICPUPMI: [ 8 32 34 ] 8:03:13 am kernel: AICPUPMI: [ 8 32 33 34 ] If you mean the top menu bar, no it's not translucent. Actually I had to disable all AppleIntelHD* kexts to stop it from hanging during boot; which should I enable?
  6. I was away for a few days; tried reinstalling tonight and then used the 10.9.4 combo update, boots successfully. Should be all good now, thanks so much for helping!
  7. Should've been more clear sorry, the Clover boot menu doesn't even disappear.
  8. Yep, thanks very much for that. After getting it up and running, I tried updating to 10.9.4 in the App Store. After the reboot Clover now freezes at the boot screen when it tries to boot OS X. Any ideas?
  9. It's using iMac14,2; I also tried manually setting iMac14,1 and MacPro6,1 before I realised Clover can do that automatically. Downloading 10.9.4 now.