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  1. Hello everyone, I recently installed OSX 10.9.0 (Niresh) I too have problem with graphics. It only shows 3MB vram. Although it is a Radeon 6550m, my device id is inside AMD5000Controller.kext and AMDX3000.kext. I read the opening page and properly understand patching and stuff. Do I need to the HEX thing with AMD5000Controller.kext, instead of 6000?Please help me! #Update 8/4/2014 I installed clover bootloader and using Clover configurator I injected my edid and set LoadVBios=Yes, PatchVBios=Yes, InjectATI=Yes, set ATIPort=3 and I saved the .plist file. When started my computer nothing happened. It's like my hackintosh doesn't care I installed Clover on top of Chameleon. Then I made clover usb using BDUtility and booted. Then, while booting hackintosh showed non-flat (just like in the back iphone) apple. When it booted everything looked awesome. I thought, it worked. When I checked the resolution was native (1600*900) , but the vram went from 3 MB to 5mb. And Kext is loaded. I tried to make sure it was just reading it wrong. When I open apps (safari) it flickers a lot. I tried some Frame Buffers which people claim are working. Nothing happened.