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    Trouble with onboard GeForce 6150.

    i can change the resolution and frecuency perfectly. you can download it here http://rapidshare.com/files/65448683/NVDriver107.zip
  2. leoalassia

    Trouble with onboard GeForce 6150.

    i have a GeForce 6150 onboard GPU, and works only with macvidia 1.0.7, NOT with macvidia 1.0.8 or natit/titan also you can delete /System/Library/Extensions/NV* and GeForce* files to start in graphics mode i see that you have only SATA disks... i can´t run yet my sata disk... i am using IDE disks...
  3. leoalassia

    Incorrect Refresh Rate

    The problem is that Mac said 85 Hz but the Monitor said 78 ... and i can't fix it too ...
  4. leoalassia

    I have geforce 6150 will it work with natit

    please! if somebody can install mac with this motherboard explain how to did it!
  5. leoalassia

    Tubgirl vs new Jas 10.4.8 installer releases

    I have the same motherboard and the same problem: IGPU: family specific matching fail... how can i fix this? i need all prompt steps...because i don't know what files i have to delete!
  6. leoalassia

    problems creating partition

    i have another sata disk, but is not recognized, so i have a dedicated IDE HD to install Mac and i have tried all, i use ranish partition manager to create partitions and filesy tems, i have formatted in fat 32 and unformatted too, but neither it works. i also used partition manager... but do not works... when i click erase, the progress bar still "creating partition" and i have waited up to one hour... but nothing happends
  7. leoalassia

    problems creating partition

    hi, i have the followings components: AMD 64 X2 5600 ASUS M2NPV-VM with geforce 6150 onboard and chipset nforce 430 1gb RAM 667 HD Western Digital 14Gb I am using JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.iso I patch this version with ppf-o-matic 3, so i have the + PPF1 version In wiki forum my pc appears to be ok with this version The problem is when i need to erase my disc to create a Mac filesystem, the computers do not works, it is quiet, nothing happends... so i do not what i do... help please! and sorry for my english...