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  1. Thank you very much! I didn't try out npci settings only and i will try it out, sorry everyone for going off topic.
  2. Why don't you point me to the topic where i can ask these questions? Also i did replace mach_kernel on HDD multiple times trying out various kernels i found and it still doesn't work, but nevermind, i will sort it out somehow.
  3. That kernel is only working for installation part but not for OS itself...
  4. I am sorry for asking this but i really didn't know where to ask and decided to ask here as this was formerly mountain lion topic. So, i can't find working kernel for my CPU (AMD Athlon II X2 245). I tried Bronyas kernel but it gives me panic after loading time machine. I tried using -x -f -v flags but it doesn't work. I also tried AnVs kernel which worked only for installation but doesn't work for OS. Thanks in advance! PS. I am using Chameleon 2.1
  5. I can't seem to find working kernel for 10.9.4, Bronzovka kernels just doesn't work on my CPU. I have AMD Athlon II X2 245.
  6. Yeah, that, but i can't get the one off Apple web site because i can't leave virtual machine running that long as it makes my host unstable and i can't find any alternative download mirror - not even on torrents (i find them there, but they are edited). If you find the image somewhere, let me know
  7. You didn't understand me, i've got the working kernels for 10.9.2 and above, but i don't have dmg files that work with myhack, it only says "Can't find system version on base.dmg" or something like that. And yeah, i checked for that file, it really is there.
  8. Thank you for advices But i am into another problem, i can't find any 10.9.0 or 10.9.1 working kernel. I found working ones for 10.9.2/.3/.4 from this thread but i can't find images of it working with myHack. Thanks in advance!
  9. Ok thanks, i guess i will try out kernel in VMWare virtual machine Also, has anyone tried that GPU? I don't know what kext to use for it. I know installing mavericks on a laptop isn't smart, but it's look so reminds me of mac book PS. I tried 10.7.4 in VMWare and i can't seem to make chameleon work. It installs but it never shows up, says only "Operating system not found", or when i use EFI firmware skips it and goes kernel panic.
  10. Hello everyone, i just joined hackintoshing and would like to know if any of these mavericks kernels would work on AMD E2-2000 APU processor and suppor QE/CI on Radeon HD 7340 GPU. Thanks in advance!