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  1. Dual 533 G4 and nVidia 6600gt

    I do understrand the steps for flashing and the purpose of it, but there is one sentence that keeps bugging, most of all because it isn't explained in detail, it is this one: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256MB AGP Buying Guide These PC GeForce 6600 AGP 256MB 128bit DDR cards can be flashed to Mac version using the suitable ROM available in the WikiDownloads. However, these cards require soldering a 128KB ROM chip and flashing in a PC using the method described in the GeForce 5/6/7 How-To. from here -> http://themacelite.wikidot.com/6600agp but from what you tell I guess that shouldn't think more about it, and just try with te old card I have, and see if it works
  2. Dual 533 G4 and nVidia 6600gt

    I would really like to know this too, since I'm in just about the same situation, only difference is that I have G5, but as I understand it from this part http://themacelite.wikidot.com/6600agp it shouldn't make an difference on the software part. I also saw that they mention something about an extra rom chip, but I can't find any actual info about this proces. is there anybode who can explain it or at least give a hint ?
  3. Radeon HD 4650 in a Power Mac G5

    thanks for the headsup, hadn't seen the Apple hardware section. and thanks for the explanation about the kext's that needs to be compiled fot PPC
  4. G5 PowerMac

    Hey there, I have an old Power Mac G5 as well and I'm lookin gfor some patched or custom kext to enable a Radeon HD 4650 500mb DDR 2 AGP. I already posted about this, but in the wrong forum, sorry my bad, I was told that it might be possible to make it work, but that I would need kext which would have to be compiled for PPC aswell. does anybody know of a package that someone might have made, that I could use this is my other post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1773133
  5. Radeon HD 4650 in a Power Mac G5

    Hey there I Know this might be a little away from the main topic, but I believe you are the right people to ask. As mentioned in the title, I have an old Power Mac G5, the general hardware works good without any problems, but I wanted to upgrade the graphic card, to a Radeon HD 4650 500mb DDR 2 AGP. I searched through the forum and found a lot of topics concerning the use of this graphic card, patched Kext-files which seamed to be working. but I'm unsure if I can use these kext's on an original OSX 10.5.6 system. So what I wanted to know is if I can use these patched and custom kext-files on my origianal Power-mac on of the threads I checked http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...+Radeon+HD+4650
  6. Hi verdant I have enabled CPU Internal Thermal Control. and used the install parametres you said, in different combinations. the harddisk i have been tryind to install on is formatted as MBR and the partition is osx extended journaled. but there is still no luck, I have been trying all day but the installation stops at the same place every time. I burned a new disc but it ends the same way. I have have thought about trying iPC instead. do you think that could make it?
  7. Hi all I have been trying to install with iATKOS v5i a couple of times now trying different setups. I am able to boot and start the installation without any problems, I don't need to type any commands to boot. the problem starts when after I have chosed alle the patches and driver for my system: System: iATKOS 10.5.5 bootloader: PC EFI decrypter: Apple Decrypt sMBIOS: SMBIOS-EFI Kernel.- VooDoo ACPI: x86 ACPI or EFI ACPI Disabler OHR Remove Thermal Kext VGA: NVkush or NVinject Sata: nForce SATA Speedstep: Inte Speedstep b or a NTFS-3G Network: nForce Ethernet - Realtek 8139 The Installation starts but after a couple of minutes I get the error: Install Failed Mac OSX could not be installed on your computer. The install could not validate the contents of the 10.5.5.Intel package. contact the software manufacturer for assistance. click restart ....... the disc got through the disc check and I burned it at vary low speed "4x". I have set up my Bios as good as have been able to figure out. the only thing that I haven't touched is AHCP becaus I cant find it. My BIOS settings are: Main: Primary IDE Master: Sony DVD RW SATA 1: WD 1600 (this is where I want to install on) SATA 2: WD 5000 Win server 2008 and all my styff Power: ACPI Suspend type: S1&S3 ACPI ACPI supprt: enabled Advanced: IDE Function Setup OnChip IDE Channel0: Enabled IDE DMA transfer acces: Enabled IDE Prefetch Mode: Enabled Serial-ATA Configuration Serial-ATA Controller: Enabled RAID Enabled: Enabled SATA 1 - 6: All Diabled Overclocking CPU Internal Thermal Contol: Disabled Limit CPUID MaxVal: Disabled Enhanced C1 (C1E): Disabled CPU C state Cabability: Disabled Execute Disable Bit: Enabled Enhanced Intel Speedstep Tech: Disabeld Pictures of my Bios: I hope somone can tell me what I can do to get it installed.