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  1. i5 2450m sandy bridge hd graphics 3000

    Artur-pt I want to thank you very much for the daul link patch. After trial and error the best solution ive come across for my pc is the patches above and [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] setup with userdsdt. I still had screen artifacts but after changing to 40 hz refresh rate they pretty much went away. Since I only have 300mb or so vram, I guess this is the issue. I have 6gb of ram so is there any way to increase this? I have the hd3000 0126.
  2. i5 2450m sandy bridge hd graphics 3000

    I patched and compiled the dsdt after injecting it and neither option worked for me. not sure If I messed up somewhere or not. I also am using smbios macbookpro 8.1 which I figured out later on
  3. i5 2450m sandy bridge hd graphics 3000

    No problem! Sorry about that, but anyways. My laptop is hp dm4-3099se. 6 gb ram, hd 3000, i5 2450m, 650 gb sata, and the bios is the regular hp bios. No options to change anything in it. My bootloader is chameleon and I used the niresh mavericks distro. Other than that I have it up and running daul booting with windows 7 also. The resolution is correct everything works except for the network card isnt supported. But the graphics are just jumpy.
  4. hey everyone, installed mac successfully on my pc and got it going ok, but the animations are kind of buggy. they continually flash and what not when moving. ive researched every kext and each one still did the same. Is there a stable driver for this hardware out yet with full acceleration?
  5. Im having a hard time trying to run my laptop on this installation. Everythings up and running and display is good now. But I cant seem to get the wifi going. I can figure everything else out but the wifi is what I need. As far as system info goes, I dont have a proper running windows partition as something went wrong with it. So I dont know how to get the hardware info. Any help is greatly appreciated. Edit: found my way into windows finally, mod please delete.